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Kawa's xbawks-mode character creator 3.8.1

T̶w̶e̶n̶t̶y̶ ̶s̶i̶x̵ thirty-six oughta be enough for now.

  1. Priority Update

    Now that SB's base assets have priority -9999, I can restore my own -1 and still have it load after the base assets, no matter the OS. Thank you, based healthire.

    Also removed the question marks. Let's see if that helps reduce the influx of "how do I unlock species" comments on the Workshop.
  2. Outdated?! Outrageous!

    I suppose it's been long enough.

    This version has the checkboxes for hiding your clothes and skipping the tutorial, natch.
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  3. New font!

    Not even the vanilla character creator has this yet.

    Basically, they're all labels now.
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  4. Trying to fix the server thing

    @aMannus suggested this method. Seems to work, so thanks.
  5. The Breakening

    Who knew one line could make such a difference?
  6. Unstable Update

    It seems the Unstable branch doesn't like it when you name your mod "xbox". It's silly, but that's what seems to be a thing. So for those who run the new Unstable branch, I've renamed the mod to match the on-site title; it is now "xbawks". Nothing else needed to change.

    So silly.
  7. Enraged update

    real quick yo
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  8. Poetry in Motionless

    Got some critiques from Motionless. They were pretty good, but half of them applied to the original, unaltered character creator as well so I ignored those. What I did do is fix the shadow and finally adjust the position of the personality spinner. Nothing else changed.
  9. A boon to the OCD crew

    I'm not making this symmetrical, but here's a version with fixed transparancies and a properly centered title. The transparancy differences are very, very minute, but they were there.

    And now they're gone.
  10. I am Furious Pinkie

    With the new Furious Koala patch and its difficult settings, I couldn't not update this baby. And the difficulty settings made room for four more buttons!
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