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KIDS - COMMUNITY MOD Pleased Giraffe 15/08/31

Because the Universe need more kids!

  1. Pleased Giraffe 2015/08/31 - Added support to Pleased Giraffe version.

    Added support to Pleased Giraffe version.

    Everything you need is check the crafting table and have $1.000, an ApexPod empty, also leather and finally alien meat.

    Take your time, enjoy the fun of finding these ingredients to make your very first kid! =]
  2. 1.5 - Welcome to Huijiro and Duel!

    • Changelog:
      • Welcome to Duel and Huijiro, new Human Kids;
      • Fixed Bina Glasses;
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  3. 1.4 - Welcome to Bina

  4. 1.3 - Welcome to Lunia

  5. 1.2 - New .pak system

    • Changelog:
      • Updated to the last .pak system;
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  6. Enraged Koala 2014/02/24+

    • Changelog:
      • Added a new Kid: Janni
      • Added some color variation to Janni;
      • Added some materials to craft the kid pods;
  7. Enraged Koala 2014/02/24

    • Changelog:
      • Added support for Mod Managers;
      • Workaround about the pak issue;
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  8. Enraged Koala 2014/02/22+

    • Changelog
      • Due to the public request in conversations, I'm doing Kids teleport to the player when they get lost;
      • Kids now are non targetable by player and monsters, instead of imunes and immortals;
      • Kids will act a little weird if you spawn them inside a room with too many of them, and I'll look at this next week;
    Hope you all enjoy!
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  9. Enraged Koala 2014/02/22

    • Changelog:
      • Kids now are persistent and don't need capture pod anymore;
      • Kids are immunes;
      • Kids will pursuit you, but take care of them, if a monster give them more attention than you, you'll temporarily lose them;
      • Glitch Kid Robob now change his eye color when spawned;

    Next patch will be for balancing the price of Kids. You'll be able to make them using ingredients.

    I still waiting for participants, make your Kid and submit it on the Official...
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  10. Enraged Koala 2014/02/18

    • Changelog:
      • Enraged Koala Compatibility;
      • Added Spawn Pods for Kids;