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Outdated Kitsune Fossilized Kitsune


  1. Now 50% more techy!

    Took me all weekend to do this... I was moving to a different house. bleh.

    SO... here's what you get with this update:

    * Chargen icons are now transparent and fit like the other races, thanks to Gunky; they look a lot better.
    * Fixed the clipping with the bodies, now your character no longer phases through their clothing... already had this done by the time I saw Gunky's fix. o3o
    * There's a hakama outfit now, replacing the trainee outfit... and I just realized I forgot to finish the sleeves... sorry.
    * Direct from Akihylotl there are new fashion clothing: for girls it's shorts and stockings and a cami-top. For guys it's a tanktop and pants (human cool outfit).
    * Added Kitsune flags... go claim planets in the name of the Great Fox Spirit and Sake!

    * I designed a new ship, BUT I can't get it to work, but I promise it fit's the race... It took me two days to draw it because I did it all myself instead of copypasta from the other files.
    - SO... as a consolation prize (I guess), I remade the tech station, fuel hatch, and the ship inventory! The fuel hatch and inventory got a complete makeover, the tech station is the same size as the old one, but it too got an almost completely different design. PLUS their animations are slower so you can enjoy the colourful drawings. :D

    It's almost 3am here, I feel like I am missing something... sleep. Yeah that's it. Good night and have fun!
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