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Outdated Kitsune Fossilized Kitsune


  1. I'm sorry...

    I'm sorry for having been gone so long. Life kinda happened...

    If you want to update my mod to get it working for the current version, you have my permission. I only have these few restrictions:

    • Do not cut up my mod and use the stuff in your own mods.
    • Do not alter the kitsune race to be more furry-like... make your own mod if that's what you want.
    • You must send me a link to your update.

    If you want to add stuff to my mod like better resurrection animations or...
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  2. Furious Koala...

    Nothing new in this update, I just changed the ver. string in the modinfo file... let me know if it doesn't work. :)

    Also: haven't had time to work on the mod itself... sorry.
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  3. Megaupload it is...

    There, it's on megaupload... maybe I should just stop uploading to this site since it's always having problems. >.<

    Or I will just upload it to Nexus and link to there instead.
  4. Auuugh... conjunctivitis... why!!

    So... I got conjunctivitis in my left eye... I think I had it in my right eye last time. lol I'm pretty sure it is, because it feels the exact same way as it did last time.

    There is now a working ship with the mod! yay!! It's only very slightly shaded right now. There is no background for the internals of the ship, so if you take the wall down you will just see a black wall behind it. Also I changed the sprites for the locker, tech station and fuel hatch.

    There are some minor bug fixes...
  5. Now 50% more techy!

    Took me all weekend to do this... I was moving to a different house. bleh.

    SO... here's what you get with this update:

    * Chargen icons are now transparent and fit like the other races, thanks to Gunky; they look a lot better.
    * Fixed the clipping with the bodies, now your character no longer phases through their clothing... already had this done by the time I saw Gunky's fix. o3o
    * There's a hakama outfit now, replacing the trainee outfit... and I just realized I forgot to finish the...
  6. Now you're cooking with fire!

    Updates for Bronze Age Kitsune:
    * Fixed the issue with the body parts not matching.
    * Fixed the ears and hairstyles so that the ears aren't hiding inside the hair.
    * Fixed the crafting issue with the tiered broadswords (I hope); look for katanas.
    - If they do work, please let me know if the mats are reasonable.
    * Fixed a messed up part of the yukata skirt.
    * Added 5 new hairstyles for girls (can't think of any for guys, sorry).
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