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Kobolds Revival 3.2

A fixed and working version of the old kobold mod!

  1. liopi
    Version: 3.14
    I love it
    when I'll can see staem version?
    1. pumpkin1887
      Author's Response
      Nevermind about maybe.. It's up now!
  2. Saint Apollyon
    Saint Apollyon
    Version: 3.10
    I never thought I'd see this mod in the light of day again! Really glad that it's back. There's still some things that are kinda wonky, but when it comes to bringing back older mods, that's to be expected.
    1. pumpkin1887
      Author's Response
      That's great to hear! As long as someone else besides me is happy it's back then it's all worth it.

      What exactly is wonky though? I'm currently working on the codex entries and teleporter stuff.