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Laserpointers 2.0

Space Raves arent just for Caves anymore!!

  1. REAL POINTERS!!!!!!!

    My laserpointers have been long narrow beams, That is until NOW!

    laserpointers are actually a small laser

    Dont worry if you still liked the old way they are now called Spotlights

    also you can add to your common/uncommon/rare randomly generated sniper rifles to add a lasersight!
  2. Stability Fix

    Stability Fix
  3. Rule Breaking Package Delivery

    so i guess the forums do not allow exe

    in some ways i get it but mainly i think its dumb....regardless sorry for any spamming this has caused and extra downloads that may happen

    if you have installed w the exe or the previous version of the modpak this is the same no need to re re download unless you wanna increase my numbers lol
  4. Un-Genericized Perfectly fine now

    From pointers to cubes and back!!
  5. Link Fix

    Link Fix
  6. Added Crafting Panel

    Added Crafting Panel
  7. Modpak

    No more .rar Modpak from now on
  8. Added Brown

    Request for brown laser filled
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  9. Update Current Version

    Update Current Version
  10. Patchfix