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Layla's Shirt Mod 3.6

a shirt mod that adds new shirts to the game

  1. laylaisthename
    Shirts mod! Because why the fuck would you make a farmer game and not add plaid. And why dress as a farmer if you can dress as a space marine. Or a future cowboy. Or maybe your character always just wanted to be a lawyer. All this and more packed into a neat little mod that adds 95 shirts into the game.
    To install:
    -Unzip the file and drop it into the 'Mods' folder
    *Requires Pathoschild's Content Patcher

    Note; I more or less take requsts! Through either comments or asks on tumblr (@laylaisthename) And by more I less I mostly mean that I'll give it the good ol' collge try and if it turns out decent it'll be added in a new update

    2017-08-28 (3).png
    2018-02-18 (6).png
    2018-05-01 (3).png

    It adds the following shirts:
    Various Overwatch (inspired) outfits and jackets [Soldier 76 (red/blue vers), D.Va (jacket/armor), McCree, Pharah(jacket/bomber/EoH)]
    Different Voltron shirts [Keith, Lance, Allura, Hunk]
    Robin's robes and Lucina's tunic from FE:Awakening
    A bunch of Dream Daddy shirts [Mat, Robert, Amanda, Mary, Joseph, Hugo, Craig]
    Magicarp trainer outfit, pikachu shirt and four magicarp hoodies [Normal, skeleton,pink and shiny]
    Four tiedye shirts [yellow-green, pink-purple, yellow-red and rainbow]
    IPRE open and closed red-robes from 'the Adventure zone'
    Misc shirts and jackets [red striped, green striped, grey yellow, white shirt, blue yellow shirt, green red bomber], Pink/blue jacket, Purple/Green jacket, Soft pink/green/blue jackets, "Im with" matching shirts, Bee shirt (with wings on the back)
    Plaid shirts [red, blue, yellow, orange and white/green]
    N7/AI insipred shirts [red stripe, red-white stripe and andromeda]
    Ace Attorney [Miles, Phoenix, Apollo, Klavier and Ema]
    Destiny [Class bomber jackets, Ikora (alt and normal colors) Raiden flux and Gensym knight, AOS shirt]
    Legend Of Zelda: BOTW Link tunic

    And more, that you can check out in the gallery or in game if you decide to download the mod :3
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. 2017-07-24 (23).png
    2. 2017-07-24 (24).png
    3. 2017-07-24 (25).png
    4. 2017-07-24 (26).png
    5. 2017-07-24 (27).png
    6. 2017-07-24 (28).png
    7. 2017-07-24 (29).png
    8. 2017-07-24 (30).png
    9. 2017-07-24 (31).png
    10. 2017-07-24 (32).png
    11. 2017-07-24 (33).png
    12. 2017-07-24 (34).png
    13. 2017-07-24 (35).png
    14. 2017-07-24 (36).png
    15. 2017-07-24 (37).png
    16. 2017-07-24 (38).png
    17. 2017-07-24 (39).png
    18. SV Robin Outfit.gif
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Recent Reviews

  1. BlueSkyes
    Version: 3.0
    Nice mod! Sometimes I feel like the shirts in vanilla SV the shirts are too 'plain'. I love how this mod adds a lot of variety! Also, could you instead of replacing, could you add compatibility with the Get Dressed mod? ;')
    1. laylaisthename
      Author's Response
      Hey! Glad you like the mod, it's always nice to get feedback 'n stuff, really helps to keep the ego going.
      I'm still pretty new at the whole modding thing, and the only reason I was able to make this one is that its pretty simple to do. Adding compatibility to Getdressed would need me to edit the whole mod since right now (to the extent of my expertise) I could only add in accessories, pants, noses and the other things that this mod already adds.
      I'll definetly look into it, but chances are I won't be able to do this for a long time.
      In the meantime; there's a mod called XNB Loader that more or less allows you to use my mod (and others) without overwriting the original file.