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Learn Blueprints on Scan 2.0.1

Learn Blueprints on Scan.

  1. Better quest text

    Proper quest description prompt in the very unlikely event where starbound would somehow have a bug that for some reason makes those visible (love you chucklefish)

    This doesn't change anything except the text you get when you buy the addons, and the text that shows in the quest log.
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  2. Removing that freeze when interacting with a quest

    Now require you to buy the addon at the Infinity Express. The reason behind this is because the massive quest patch would cause a freeze whenever interacting with a quest, probably because of it referencing non-vanilla species, that might not be installed for everyone, or just because of the size of it. Thanks to Mooncalf99 for reporting the issue!

    For fresh characters, you can also buy the scanmode upgrade.
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  3. Scanner Addon sold at Infinity Express for modded species

    Added a Scanner Addon to the Infinity Express for 100 pixels.
    This should enable this mod on modded species without me having to track each new ones
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