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Legendary Treasures 0.2.5

Find extremely rare and valuable weapons and artifacts!

  1. Legendary Treasures Large Update


    Large update:

    Most "hoard" objects have been rebalanced in the terms of price, they are now worth more.

    Most paintings now have an "original" version. These "original" versions appear older, and are worth a lot more.


    Paintings that now have an original version, have had their base description changed to say "A copy of some famous painting"

    Original paintings have an actual description and a name change to better fit what the painting is.

    Treasure can now be found almost everywhere. You can now find treasure underground, in tombs, and other places as well as any chest that gives valuable loot.

    All legendary treasures now have a custom category. They now appear as "Legendary Treasure" instead of something like decoration.

    A new ocean dungeon that was already in the game but now added has now been added to the ocean biome.

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