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Outdated Lela's songpack. 2018-03-13

Songs mostly for running a four-man band.

  1. Lela's songpack.

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  2. Lela's songpack

  3. Lela's songpack.

    Lil update with a few more jazzy songs and mlp xD cause we all like a bit of jazz or is that just me? ;p

    Removed 2 songs (Sonic1 - Greenhill Zone & SnK - Sandopolis Act1) Because they didnt sound right. Sandoplis Act2 sounds fine so no need to fix Act1 but Greenhill Zone i'll get around to that.

    Here are the new songs added:

  4. Lela's songpack.

    Added a few more game songs.

  5. Lela's songpack.

    A few more Game and Music songs added.
    PS be aware that some previous song names have been changed plus some instruments.

  6. Lela's songpack.

    Fixed Sonic songs. Removed 2 and added 2.

  7. Lela's songpack.

    Added some Sonic songs.
    Too tired to do Sonic3 will cont tomorrow.

    Edit. didn't test these out before i put them up so will have to redo some of them as they sound bad imo.

  8. Lela's songpack.

    Added a few more songs.