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Lexi's Better Basics v 1.04

Default replacements for Floran, Avian, Human, and Novakid starter gear

  1. liberalSpaceship
    (Additional mods pictured: Colorbound, Starface, Drumsticks and Tailfeathers)

    Hey, please delete the Better Basics folder if you have it; you should only have a folder called Lexi's Better Basics now. My apologies.

    This mod replaces the default art for some of the starter clothing. It is not intended as a criticism of the original art, but an issue of my own taste.

    This should be multiplayer friendly as nothing new is added, but I haven't tested. I also haven't looked at any NPCs who use this clothing, but I doubt there's secretly additional assets, so NPCs and existing equipment will take on the new look.

    Clothing is edited to my personal preference and I don't need to defend it. but hey--it's really easy to remove anything you don't like and use the rest if, for example, it bothers you that I've made major edits to something you use all the time.

    So... What's Different?
    (click spoiler tags to read)


    Hunter Chest: Removal of "filled" window on male chest, replaced with undershirt. Slight edit to the boob window on the female version to be a little less boob-tastic. Both have longer "buttons" as well.

    Leaf Legs: Complete replacement. We have a leaf in the Hunter set. So I changed it to a leaf skirt. It is a skirt for both genders.

    Pelt Set: Reworked fur texture with highlight on the chest. Swapped colorable area on legs so that "flap" is the part that takes color, and added slight animation for jumping. Changed the leather area to a slightly cooler color on chest and legs. May come back to this and really expand the "floof" if I can be bothered to add the requisite arm bits.

    Survivalist Set: Edit to chest to make shorter, and add high collar. Moved buttons on to "bib" area, bib area is now lighter highlight color. Uncuffed the pants and added stripes/long buttons/whatever to edges instead of cuff studs. Made the waist a little higher and added a buckle. I really hated those pants, ok?

    Floran Furnivour Set: Minimal edit: made the panties look a little more like hotpants.

    I did not edit the hunter legs, leaf chest, or furnivour chest.


    Fancy Set: Removed "boob cling" from female chest. Added pattern to both chest pieces because plain isn't fancy. Changed belt to gold and made "flap" the colorable part.

    Worker Set: Removed "boob cling" from female chest. Removed buttons or whatever and added golden trim to both chest pieces; changed "upper belt" piece on chests to gold. Changed belt to gold and made hanging parts the colorable part".

    I did not alter the adventurer or commoner sets.


    All four starter sets have been entirely redone to reflect a little more science fiction, a little less literal sweatpants. As there were four pairs of nearly identical pants for males, existing characters may find their pants have changed drastically, my apologies.

    Casual Set: Open cropped jacket with shoulder badge and striped shirt; Jean-style pants tucked into red sneakers (with white toes, ala Chuck Taylors--but no star, sorry).

    Cool Set: Jacket with diagonal zip, patterned segments, elbow pads, and sleeves that double as fingerless gloves (it's not the "comfortable set"); Pants with studded ankle boots and knees pads for males, structured/cage skirt with torn leggings and studded ankle boots for females.

    Worker Set: Bulky turtleneck with color blocks and long sleeves; leggings with a side-stripe and dark boots. Leggings have hip straps that are not visible with currently available starter options.

    Sweat Set: "Futuristic" tank top with cutout side/back and front stripe; denim short shorts and bulky sneakers.


    Fancy Pants: Different boots, in more of a "cowboy" style, for both male and female sets.

    Jacket Set: Added vest to female top as well. Replaced shirt with buttoned vest for male top (bellybutton intentionally visible). Changed buttons to a belt on pants, changed boots to a short cowboy style boot.

    Suspender Set: Made suspenders always black, top of pants recolorable instead of teal Made pants recolorable, changed heel and color of boots. More than ever, you'll want to pick the same color for the top and bottom on this one.

    Waistcoat Set: Changed heel of boots, added stripe in "highlight" color down side of pants, to further differentiate from other pants.

    I did some minor cleanup on some of the art, but did not add climbing sprites EXCEPT to the waistcoat top, since it was ridiculously easy. If they ever come into use and the real default art is updated, these replacements will still have the wrong climbing sprites. If I'm around, I'll probably fix it then.

    If you would prefer to have the original human clothing in addition to the defaults, please download this optional file. Delete the 'species' folder in "Lexi's Better Basics - Original Human (Optional)" to take them out of chargen but keep the original clothes as craftable, and delete the two .patch files from each folder in "Lexi's Better Basics - Original Human (Optional)/items/armor/human" if you only want the original color options.

    What's Next?
    Some different shoes for the other races, especially the female Hylotl (jackboots? really??) but ugly shoes make me cry so I'll be looking at everyone's shoes. Possible expansion of what recolors for Apex?

    To Install: Extract the contents of this mid to SteamApps/common/Starbound/giraffe_storage/mods

    You should end up with a folder called Lexi's Better Basics

    To Remove Parts:
    Go into the Lexi's Better Basics folder, then into items/armor/ .
    Identify the species, then armor set you want to return to default art, go in that folder, and delete the corresponding .png file. pants.png is bottoms, chestf.png is female chest pieces, and chestm.png is male chest pieces.

    My Other Related Mods:
    Lexi's Expanded Colors 25 more colors for clothing during character creation
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Mackinz
    Version: v 1.03
    It is sad that the mod author has disappeared as of several months ago, but this mod is still fantastic and still working for Pleased Giraffe although it may be an incomplete revamp of the starter clothing. I look forward to the authors continued work on this and her other mods, if she returns.
    1. liberalSpaceship
      Author's Response
      Thanks for letting people know this is still working! I'll finish it up eventually (I'm sure); I just haven't played in ages and got distracted with other art projects.
  2. Cryogeist
    Version: v 1.03
    Though I also have some issue with the drastic changes to the human clothing, I give it a 5/5 because nothing else I've found does anything similar to this mod with nearly the same quality. Of all the mods I love the most, it is always the simple, well-made mods that add or change things that things just wouldn't feel complete without. A++

    In regards to the human clothing, I actually really like what you did to the worker outfit and sweats outfit, before they looked extremely old-fashioned if you ask me (especially the worker one, just god-awful). My issue is with the casual and cool outfits. The casual one looks a little weird to me, but that may just be the choice of clothing colors you used in the pics, as I haven't actually looked at that one in-game yet. The cool outfit is my favorite among the chucklefish originals, and to be completely honest, I don't know what it is you tried to do to it. I kind of feel guilty saying I don't like it because it's the most detailed among your collection, and it seems like you worked hard on it. For me it's just too much packed into too little a space for me to be able to tell anything other than it's clothing.

    All in all, this is a great mod though, and you're kind to give us all the option to pick and choose which ones we like. Nice new boots for the Novas btw. :D
  3. Altered_Nova
    Version: v 1.02
    I like the subtle changes you've made to the Floran and Avian clothes However, while I do like the new human clothes better, I feel that they are such drastic changes that you should probably make the old sets craftable. I was kind of fond of the old cool jacket.
    1. liberalSpaceship
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it on the whole. The way this mod is set up, the old images don't even "exist" in game, so I can't make a MP-friendly edition that has both. :/ I could add an optional file where either the new clothes or old clothes are independent choices (and, of course, craftable)?