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Library Assets 0.85

Adds several bookshelves and other library themed objects.

  1. Librarian tweaks, few new books.

    Not very many items this time. Instead, most work was focused on refining the librarian tenants.
    I'd like to ask if anyone more confident in their pixel work is interested, to please contact me about helping implement an ursa npc, and restoring the mole people.

    Items Added.
    Doctor's Bookshelf
    Gnome Library (hylotl)
    Gas Pump Bookcase
    Lapin Brain
    Liquid Data Crystals
    Necromantic Tome (gosmet)
    Necromantic Tome (spookit)
    Perfectly Generic Bookcase (no icon)
    Workshop Bookcase

    Kluex statues can be reduced to their bases.

    Adds the apexvillage, evil, and knowledge tags to the miniknog newspaper. Makes them buyable.
    Adds the evil tag to the miniknog intel display.
    Add the evil tag to the minidrone intel rack.
    Adds the knowledge tag to the big ape target map and makes it buyable.
    Adds the electronic tag to the scrivener table.
    Adds the knowledge and explorer tags to the star map screen
    Adds the knowledge tag to the globe statue.
    Adds the knowledge and science tags to the glitchian man.

    Fenerox librarians now have tails and new voices.
    Shadow librarians now emit dark smoke and use their proper voices like normal shadow people.

    General Changes
    Agarans, Alpacas, Creeplings, Deadbeats, Froggs and Penguins can now appear as librarians.
    Lapin librarians added. They're adapted from long removed NPC's once found in colorful biomes.
    Librarian tenants no longer offer quests or become available as crew. This is a limitation rendered by the new race pool. Let's just say they're homebodies.
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