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Library Assets 0.85

Adds several bookshelves and other library themed objects.

  1. 50 Years of Procrastination

    More tenant tweaks.

    Items Added.
    Alpaca Story Slate
    Apex Mutant Brain
    Corobockle Brain
    Corobockle Story Mural
    Great Lineage Scroll
    Lineage Records Shelf
    Necromantic Tome (skelly fish)
    Patient Corobockle
    Penguin Bookcase
    Plantation Bookcase
    Studious Corobockle
    Swamp Bookcase
    Viciss Brain

    Gnome libraries now only need 1 ball of gnomes, in line with the original mod.
    Scientists and Hazmat Scientists now have a priority of 10 instead of 4. Apex Researchers have a priority of 8 instead of 4.

    The new version of the Protectorate Book Cabinet now properly function as containers. PICK UP ANY EXISTING ONES BEFORE UPDATING!
    Eye plant recipes changed to account for official changes to certain vanilla items.

    General Changes
    Lepids, the maggot people, can now appear. They're written as a recently sapient race who defer to the shadows they share their home world with.
    Viciss tenants have been added. Based on the mutant outfit from toxic biomes. Somebody had to build those ruined cities in the background.
    Female deadbeats now have a different horn style.
    Deadbeats jumpsuits can come in several colors.
    Hylotls robes can now come in all colors.
    Corobockle librarians added, via now having a 1 in 11 chance of appearing on the heads of librarians from the vanilla playable races. You may also convert ones you find with a book pile, and further into a placable version with 2 more book piles.
    A recipe to fill in small deprived bookcases has been added.
    Old Apex tenants have been added. Surely some escaped the VEP process, the miniknog hasn't been honest about anything else. They dress and try to pass as humans.
    Science tag added to flesh bookcase, to fit its descriptions.
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