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Library Assets 0.85

Adds several bookshelves and other library themed objects.

  1. 50 Years of Procrastination

    More tenant tweaks.

    Items Added.
    Alpaca Story Slate
    Apex Mutant Brain
    Corobockle Brain
    Corobockle Story Mural
    Great Lineage Scroll
    Lineage Records Shelf
    Necromantic Tome (skelly fish)
    Patient Corobockle
    Penguin Bookcase
    Plantation Bookcase
    Studious Corobockle
    Swamp Bookcase
    Viciss Brain

    Gnome libraries now only need 1 ball of gnomes, in line with the original mod.
    Scientists and Hazmat Scientists now have a priority of 10 instead of 4. Apex Researchers have a priority...
  2. Tiny Hotfix

    Just gives the proper weather effect tag to gnomes so they won't soft crash. Sorry about that.
    Once again, full credit to @Doctor Ragnarok
  3. Librarian tweaks, few new books.

    Not very many items this time. Instead, most work was focused on refining the librarian tenants.
    I'd like to ask if anyone more confident in their pixel work is interested, to please contact me about helping implement an ursa npc, and restoring the mole people.

    Items Added.
    Doctor's Bookshelf
    Gnome Library (hylotl)
    Gas Pump Bookcase
    Lapin Brain
    Liquid Data Crystals
    Necromantic Tome (gosmet)
    Necromantic Tome (spookit)
    Perfectly Generic Bookcase (no icon)
    Workshop Bookcase

    Kluex statues...
  4. Librarian Diversity and Buyable Vanilla

    Several new items added.
    Ancient Tomes for every precursor, ancient or extinct race I know of.
    A filled version of the Reed Shelf.
    Book Preservation Crystal
    Minimalist Bookshelf
    Chained Bookcase
    Pastel Bookshelf
    Sweets Bookcase
    Sharp Bookcase
    Astro Bookcase
    Astro Wall Bookshelf
    Floran Alphabet Sheet
    Book Swap
    Book Stall
    Creepling Alphabet Scrap
    Shadow Glyph Tablet

    The Large Steel Bookcase, an item cut from vanilla before 1.0 has been restored. Its been recolored to make it...
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  5. Bug Fix

    Fixes a handful of broken recipes, a misplaced asset, and metal trees causing crash to ship upon felling.
  6. Suddenly, eyeballs.

    Several new objects added.
    Apex Rebel Bookshelf
    Avian Pedestal
    Coffin Bookcase
    Decadent Bookcase
    Flesh Bookcase
    Flesh Cookbook
    Kiddie Bookshelf
    Mages Bookcase
    Nordic Bookshelf
    Stargazer Tapestry
    Steampunk Bookshelf (full)
    Ursa Bookcase
    Ornamental Oculemon added.
    Potted eye vines, flowers, bushes, and ceiling bushes added.

    2 foods added.
    Fresh Oculemonade
    Pickled Eyes

    Several adjustments made to vanilla and previous version assets.
    Gnome libraries can now generate gnomes...