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Outdated Lissar's Kimono Mods 0.1

Adds a traditional kimono for Hylotl as well as a craftable leather kimono for everyone!

  1. Lissar
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (male and female versions)

    Lissar's Kimono Mod! v. 0.1 (compatible with beta v. Frustrated Koala)

    (animation change)

    The kimono mod gives you access to a more traditional style kimono that opens as you run rather than stays closed. There is a starter kimono that is given to Hylotl at the character creation screen, and also a leather kimono that anyone can craft after you've landed on a planet and started foraging!


    I. Installation is easy!
    II. Using Multiple Mods
    III. What's to come?

    I. Installation is easy!

    Create a mods folder (if you don't have one already) in your Starbound directory (Steam/steamapps/commmon/Starbound) and put the LissarsKimonos folder in the mods archive.

    Then go to the file of your operating system (for example, Win32) and open up the bootstrap.config file in Notepad++ or similar program. Edit the bootstrap to locate these new assets. If you don't have other mods, it should look like this:

    "assetSources" : [



    "storageDirectory" : ".."

    If you add other mods to your bootstrap, remember to add a comma after every entry in the list except for the last one.


    II. Using Multiple Mods

    If you are using other mods in addition to this mod, make sure you aren't trying to use MORE THAN ONE of any file. If multiple mods are modifying the same file, it will only use information from the file at the top of the load order, and some information might not load. To prevent this, add all the information you need from multiple mods into a single file.

    Changes made to the player.config file:

    leatherkimonolegs, leatherkimonochest added to tier1

    Changes made to hylotl.species:

    Kimonochest2 and kimonolegs2 added to both male and female clothing and tier1 blueprint sections.


    III. What's to come?

    Larger variety of kimonos at different tiers and different styles. Go full on kimono for your entire journey! Perhaps other Japanese style clothing.

Recent Reviews

  1. Kirbyroth
    Version: 0.1
    Hope you update this soon
  2. dantebelmondo
    Version: 0.1
    Sweet outfit.