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Lloyd's Beacon! (MP Compatible!) 0.4.5c

Instantly return to a set location!

  1. • Displays set planet

    Displays the name of the planet the beacon is set on, in the tooltip
  2. > BUG FIXES <

    Fixed a bug where people couldn't use the beacons if they had safe scripts on.

    Nobody uses this mod anyway so I don't know why I'm uploading it so early but whatever ;-;
  3. Shows where you set it!

    • Beacons now display the planet they were set on in their tooltip
    • Fixed a bug preventing the player from canceling the included malware
  4. Super efficiency!

    • If a beacon is set on a players ship, attempting to use the beacon to teleport to the ship will warp you back to your own ship instead of doing nothing.
    • Decreased the mod size by 2kb by optimizing the living bananapants out of all the scripts! Blame the unused tooltips .recipe files for the other 16kb.
    I'm serious.
    The script for Lloyd's Beacon is 1,114 bytes, and the Beacon of Returning is 208 bytes.
    They use to be 1,374 bytes and 1,393 bytes.
  5. Fixed an embarrassing typo! (And efficiency!)

    • Fixed an embarrassing typo
    • Mod is now more efficient and less resource-consuming to your comput0r machine
  6. Bug fixes and beautification!

    • Beacons no longer need to be dropped after setting them for the first time
    • Adjusted item descriptions and tooltip