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Low Health Alarm v1.3_release

Rings the Critical Annoyance bell!

  1. andrielChaoti
    Low Health Alarm. It does what the title says.

    This mod is added for those of us who can't see or are just to inattentive to the default UI and really could just use a sound queue to let them know they have almost no HP left.

    It plays a beep once a second, for as long as your health is too low.

    Changing the settings:
    If you want to change the settings of this mod, you can download an unpacked copy from the GitHub repository.
    You can also create a mod that overrides my mod's files, whichever option you prefer.

    Changing configs:
    • Unpacked mod: Edit low_health_alarm.config to suit your needs.
    • Mod option: Create a json patch that changes the options.

    Config Options:
    • alarmFadeTime: The time (in seconds) that the alarm will fade out over. Set to 0 to disable. (Default: 10)
    • alarmFadeVolume: The volume that the alarm sound fades to. (Default 0.75)
    • alarmCooldown: The time (in seconds) to wait between playing beep sounds. (Default: 1)
    • alarmThreshold: The percentage health (expressed as a number from 0-1) where the alarm will start or stop playing. (Default: 0.25)

    Changing Sound Effects:
    Unfortunately, for this mod to be able to work for everyone and not cause crashing issues when one player has it and another doesn't, custom sound effects are no longer supported.

    You have my permission to alter this mod to suit your needs, but you do not have my permission to redistribute the mod in any form, original or altered.

    You can also get this mod from the Chucklefish Forums: https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/low-health-alarm.4879/
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Hatefulpeace
    Version: v1.3_release
    Thanks for uploading this not just on steam for us GOG users now that steam blocked mod downloads
  2. K-A
    Version: v1.2.1_release
    Dude, essential!
  3. species9000and1
    Version: v0.9_alpha
    A good idea that I've wanted to implement for a while. However, I think there are ways to improve this mod. Allow me to give you some constructive ideas for this mod, if you are at all familiar with Lua scripting.

    The main thing I think you should improve is to use the LocalAnimator table for the sound effect rather than the default Animator Lua table, if possible. A quick glance at your code reveals you use the normal Animator Lua table. The reason why I think you should use the LocalAnimator is because the default Animator plays sound effects to EVERY player in the vicinity. It would be annoying to people who both use the mod to hear the sound effect when their health isn't low, but their friend's is.

    Unfortunately, the developers of Starbound either didn't take this into consideration or disagree with my point of view, because the low hunger and out of energy sounds use the default Animator Table too, so everyone can hear them... So, if you want another suggestion besides just the change to the Local Animator Table... Perhaps you could attribute those sound effects to the LocalAnimator as well, while you're at it? As in, expand the scope of this mod. I would understand if you want to keep the mod under a simple and small scope, I am simply suggesting this because it would make things more consistent, as well as user-friendly. Whether you take my suggestion is up to you of course.

    As a last suggestion, perhaps a visual warning would be helpful as well. This is something I, personally, have always really wanted to see in Starbound. Although, it might be too intrusive for some people, so if you do decide to take the suggestion into account, make it an optional feature. Some people like this, others just find it to be too much feedback. I personally would enjoy a red border effect or something along such lines as an additional warning immensely. I'm not sure how one would go about implementing a screen effect, but I remember back in the olden days of Starbound, when there was temperature... The screen would get an overlay depending on your body temp. Maybe do some research into that if you'd like to implement this suggestion.

    I appreciate you reading this, mod author. Keep on modding; It's quite an amazing field of work, if you ask me, and I for one appreciate your endeavors into it. :)
    1. andrielChaoti
      Author's Response
      A visual warning is in the planning stages (flashing health bar, for now) at the moment.. As for the LocalAnimator instead of the regular one. Perhaps as a change or the future as well.

      Expanding the scope... That might actually be useful too... The suffocating sound also uses a public Animator as well, so e everyone can hear that one too. :)