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Macrochip and Logic Upgrades V4.11

Virtual Circuitry

  1. Small fixes

    Fixes for giant hexadecimal display objects (now correctly sized for their sprites!) and the definable button (which would forget if it was 'on' between game sessions.)

    And a Happy new year!
  2. Challengeroom Timers

    Challenge room timers apparently had some issues with the changes this mod makes to the script for them (something that would have long been the case.) Hopefully this will sort that problem.
  3. V4.09

    A few fixes.
  4. Megamacrochip graphic fix

    Somehow also lost a png file for megamacrochips, causing them to be displaced on one facing. Fixed.
  5. Definable button fix

    Missed a , out of the object file.
  6. Update

    A few additions with this one.

    Extra Components
    ● 4-bit ALU *
    ● 4-bit Comparator
    ● Switchbank (4 switches)**
    ● 7-digit, 4-nibble BCD Display/Converter ***

    Component menu shuffled a bit. Probably will need to revise if I want to fit anything else now!

    *Here is the Datasheet for the complicated ALU! You can also find a new page in the manual with this table.

    ** For the Switchbank, press [COLOR=rgb(0, 255,...
  7. Bug fix

    Fix for a bug that could cause crash from Multi Remote Output components.
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  8. Countdown timer fix

    Fix for bug that crept into my script for countdown timers.
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  9. Update for 1.3 release!

    As per title, updated for the release of 1.3. :)

    Hopefully all in order. Please report any bugs that may surface within this mods thread. Thanks!
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  10. Changes

    Changed to patches for altered vanilla logic objects.
    Fix for moving components in macrochip that were wired to themselves.
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