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Macrochip (Nightly) V2.01

Virtual Circuitry

  1. Update

    Important Programmed (Remote) Macrochips - please read changes below.


    • Item Sensor corrected for change to object json for containers ( "uiConfig" : "/interface/chests/chest%slots%.config" recently changed to "uiConfig" : "/interface/chests/chest<slots>.config" for containers in nightly.)
    • Timer component in Macrochip altered to function closer to the basic timer objects you can create.
    • Programmed Macrochips - I am phasing out both the Programmed normal and Remote objects/items in favour of a new way of doing things in that regard. They work with this version, but you should break, replace and rewire any you have placed in a world before I release an update which will add more flexibility to naming Macrochips (coming Soon™.) Note that Macrochips taken down will still be noted as being Programmed if containing any components but these are renamed Macrochip objects rather than actual separate Programmed Macrochip objects in my json coding. If that makes sense... :)
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