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Macrochip (Nightly) V2.01

Virtual Circuitry

  1. Script update

    A recent change on Nightly has replaced inbound/outbound wherever they appear in lua script with input/output. This updates to match to keep the Macrochip functioning there.
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  2. Pleased Giraffe update

    Update for the nightly version of Macrochip. Hopefully not missed anything with the script changes. Please let me know if issues surface!

    • Remote Macrochip. Functions exactly like the normal Macrochip, except it has no input/output nodes, meaning it needs to occupy much less space itself (taking up a single tile) but must rely solely on the...
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  3. Persistant data storage!

    Much simpler to implement that I thought it would be, a Macrochip now keeps its virtual circuit board data (as long as it is not just labels) when taken down, returning a Programmed Macrochip.

    Also a final page of the Macrochip Users Manual has been reserved for kudos to those who have helped contribute to this project.
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  4. Bug fixes / extra features


    • Toggle flip-flop had bugged nodes (thanks to Zoomah for bug report.)

    Extra features
    • Macrochip's Hexidecimal display component now comes in five different lighting colours - [ , ] and [ . ] keys to cycle through them, both before being placed in component mode and after being placed in inspect mode.
    • In wiring mode, when you mouseover a components node it will show...