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Manufacturer's Touch 1.2.15

Weapons manufacturers now have an effect on randomly generated weapons.

  1. Kitikira
    Manufacturer's Touch gives randomly generated weapons a bit more character by allowing their creator to play a role on the statistics and appearance of the weapon. In addition, this provides an engine to allow mod makers to create their own manufacturers, as well as make use of resources within, such as explosive bullets.

    Make sure to check compatibility to make sure this will work with your other mods!

    Steam Workshop version available here

    Source available here


    Random weapons are far greater than they were when this game first entered early access. But even with their improvements, I still found them lacking. As I continued to play, I paid more attention to weapons, and found that all weapons in a specific category felt the same, with the exception of elements and damage.

    And through this, I started paying more attention to the names. My grenade launcher was a Shade Co. one, but it didn't have any identifying characteristics that made it Shade Co. It was just a name, and played no part in the weapon itself.

    This contrasts with the Borderlands series, of which the vast majority of their weapons were randomly created, and nearly every weapon has some randomness in its creation. Despite this, it managed to make weapons of the same type feel very different. Each corporation had its own personality, effects, and style. I would prefer some corporations for some weapons, and different corporations for other types.

    So I set to make every manufacturer in Starbound feel unique. Each corporation should have its own style, and make weapons in their own way. When I use a Callox sniper, it shouldn't feel the same as a Gralux one.

    Gritty Details

    This mod gives every random ranged weapon a specific manufacturer, and expanded the amount of information displayed on a weapon's tool tip. When that weapon is created, the manufacturer determined the weapon's name, the palettes that the weapon can use, and the elemental effects that weapon can have. In addition, the manufacturer modifies the individual stats of the gun, giving bonuses and trade-offs.

    Here is an example of weapon generated by this:

    View attachment 163777
    This is a randomly generated weapon.
    Name. The prefix before the name shows the manufacturer and tier. Nuclear is Graxus's 6th tier. The color, by default, shows the weapon's rarity.
    Manufacturer. The lower left of the sprite shows the name of the manufacturer.
    Element. The lower right of the sprite shows the element. The element pictured here is explosive, a damage type unique to Graxus and Custom-built weapons.
    Damage Per Second. The damage done in a second is shown here.
    Energy Per Second. The amount of energy expended to fire this gun for 1 second is shown here.
    Damage Per Energy. The amount of damage done per point of energy expended. This can be viewed as a gun's "efficiency".
    Else. The rest is exactly the same as the default tooltip.


    The following is a list of manufacturer's included in this mod. It is very easy to add your own later, if you wish.

    "When you've got a beast charging you head on, you don't need any fancy bells or whistles. One shot's all you need to level that charge. Get a gun you can depend on. Buy Callox."

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Callox weapons are slow, powerful, and traditional. What they lack in speed they make up in pure damage. Usually colored in light blue or grey, a Callox rifle can be devastating when used properly.
    • 15% higher damage per second
    • Significantly higher fire time (ranges from 40% to 200%. Faster weapons will have a more significant speed loss)
    • Weapons have high recoil, causing you to be knocked back as you fire
    Callox makes Assault Rifles, Machine Pistols, Pistols, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles.

    Overall, Callox makes great weapons for large single target damage, or as a quick shot before jumping into melee.

    Callox also crafts melee weapons, which are very similar to their ranged weapons. They're slow but deadly.
    • 10% higher damage per second
    • 25% higher fire time

    Callox creates Axes, Daggers, Hammers, Shortswords, and Spears


    Custom weapons are a mixed bag. There are usually trends with them, but as each one is hand-crafted, or at least majorly modified, you never know what you're going to get.
    • No changes
    Custom weapons excel in their flexibility. A custom weapon can be of any weapon type, and can make use of any element, including Graxus's signature explosive damage.

    Custom melee weapons follow the similar theme to their ranged counterparts. They can be anything, but are often damaged or worn out, resulting in lower returns.
    • No changes
    Custom weapons can be of any melee type too.

    "What's better than shooting someone in the face? Shooting someone in the face, while said face explodes! Need we say more?"

    Graxus weapons are a one-trick pony, but boy do they do that trick well. All Graxus weapons use the Explosive element. Although explosive does not have any status effects, all explosive shots cause area of affect damage, often injuring many enemies or damaging a target you might have missed.
    • 15% higher damage per second
    • All guns have the Explosive element
    • 20% higher energy usage
    • Double the inaccuracy
    Graxus makes Assault Rifles, Machine Pistols, Pistols, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles. Despite their obsession with explosions, Graxus do not make grenade launchers or rocket launchers, as they believe they need to fix all the other gun's flaws before they improve other explosions.

    Graxus does not make melee weapons, as previous testing has shown that explosive melee weapons are not a good idea.

    Graxus weapons make excellent crowd-clearers, and their high damage makes them effective burst weapons, although they lack in sustainability due to their high energy costs.

    "When you hear the word "revolutionary", do you think of gunfire? Well, we at Manaticon would like to change that perception. Manaticon believes in redefining the arms industry to help your business assert itself in this vicious economy."

    Manaticon weapons are often overpriced and do minimal damage, but they do bear a number of significant improvements that other companies just can't offer. For one, every Manaticon weapon is elemental. Everyone, not just the uncommon and rare ones.
    • 10% lower energy usage
    • 10% faster fire rate
    • 25% higher accuracy
    • Projectiles are instead plasma spheres, which travel slower but bounce off walls
    • 10% lower damage per second
    Manaticon makes all types of ranged weapons. They know that every budding enterprise has its own unique needs, and want to help you find yours.

    Manaticon similarly emphasize speed for their melee arms.
    • 10% lower fire time
    • 10% lower knockback

    Manaticon's chain of melee weapons, however, are just starting to take off, and as such they have not yet expanded to cover all your bludgeoning and slashing needs. They only make Broadswords, Hammers, and Spears for their melee line.

    "The hoards are amassing. They shamble into place, taking position in an immense crowd. Whether to protect yourself, or end an experiment gone awry, one bullet alone isn't going to succeed."

    Despite the company's decrepit and creepy appearance, they do make unique and powerful weaponry. Although they don't shoot very quickly, or with much force, they make up with it in numbers. Every Necrolix gun shoots double the amount of bullets per shot that they normally would. This can lead to a ridiculous number of bullets per shot, such as the possibility of 16 pellet shotguns, or two guided missiles being controlled at once by a rocket launcher.
    • Double the amount of bullets fired per shot
    • 15% higher fire time
    • 60% lower knockback per bullet
    Necrolix makes Assault Rifles, Machine Pistols, Rocket Launchers, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles.

    Necrolix's melee weapons tend to be the opposite of their ranged weapons. While their ranged emphasize slow, many shot weapons, their melee line focuses on faster weapons with less of an impact.
    • 5% lower fire time
    • 10% lower knockback
    Necrolix sells Axes, Broadswords, Daggers, and Spears.

    "Quality arms that last. When you get given a rifle in your direst times, you better hope its a Rotik."

    Beneath their drab exterior is a rapid fire machine. Rotik weapons are plain, and they have slightly less damage per shot, but they fire faster than any of their competition.
    • 10% lower damage per second
    • Slower fire rate
    • 33% less bullets fired per shot (No effect on one bullet guns)
    • Rotik weapons are never burst fire
    • Fire rate and dps scales the longer you fire the weapon, reaching 1.225 times the base dps, and 4 times the fire rate
    There is no kind of gun that Rotik doesn't manufacture.

    Rotik also creates melee weapons, although they tend to have limited changes compared to their ranged arms. They're main purpose is to knock targets out of reach, in order to better aid that quality Rotik shooting experience.
    • 10% higher knockback
    Rotik creates Broadswords, Daggers, Hammers, and Shortswords.

    Shade Co.
    "Not every situation calls for you to charge in, guns blazing. Under the cover of night, a docile target is easier than an alert one. You need to make sure that one bullet meets its target. You need Shade Co. munitions."

    Shade Co. is dedicated to making accurate weapons. That's their goal. They don't do anything else.
    • Accuracy on guns is variable with fire time, ranging from 10% more accurate to 300% less accurate
    • Guns become more accurate the longer you fire them, reaching 900% higher accuracy
    Shade Co. makes Assault Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Machine Pistols, Pistols, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles. Rocket Launchers are the sole weapon that they do not manufacture.

    For the melee-lovers, Shade Co. continues its tradition for simple, low penalty arms.
    • 5% lower fire time
    Shade Co manufacturers Axes, Daggers, and Shortswords.

    If you have Frackin' Universe, Shade Co. weapons also have the following stats:
    • 1.15 times the critical hit chance
    • 0.25 times the critical hit bonus damage (on top of the x2 base)

    "Why shoot when sstabbing is ssso much better?"

    Teklacki guns are both very rare and very abnormal compared to most other manufacturer's firearms. They fire dart-like projectiles instead of bullets or plasma, which function very differently from bullets.
    • 8% higher damage per second
    • 50% extra knockback
    • Fires slow moving, gravity-affected needle projectiles
    Teklacki only makes Assault Rifles and Machine Pistols for their firearms.

    Teklacki prefer melee weapons, especially the bladed kind. Teklacki weapons are very quick and high damage, but they do have one fatal flaw.
    • 25% lower fire time
    • 5% higher damage per second
    • 80% lower knockback
    Teklacki produces all melee weapons.

    "Sure, you can kill with any gun. But why would you kill with just any gun? A sophisticated person demands a sophisticated weapon. Carry a gun as classy as you are. Accept nothing less than a Xia-Li."

    Xia-Li makes elegant, efficient weapons. They don't pack as much of a punch as many other company's weapons, but they can keep on firing when it's competitors would have long ago ran out of energy.
    • 40% lower energy usage
    • 9% lower damage per second
    • Running out of energy while firing the weapon will shock the user
    Xia-Li produces Assault Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Machine Pistols, Pistols, Rocket Launchers, and Sniper Rifles.

    For melee weapons, Xia-Li prefers weapons that are slightly slower and weaker in terms of damage, but cause targets to go flying much farther.
    • While holding the weapon, the user's energy will instantly start to recover after draining, rather than waiting for a delay.
    • 5% less damage per second
    Xia-Li's melee weapons include Axes, Daggers, Hammers, and Spears.


    This mod is incompatible with any mod that does changes the default weapon build scripts, as well as any mod that changes the weapon tooltip UI.

    This collision is most notable in Tripod's mod, Weapon Stats, which will result in weapons not spawning with a manufacturer and cause weird overlapping in the UI. However, this mod has its own unique tooltip, which should help you deal with this penalty.

    Mods that change the default random weapons are most likely compatible, but they might have strange effects if they make certain (although unlikely) changes.

    Any mod that adds new weapon abilities for the randomly generated weapons might lead to some issues with Graxus or Custom weapons, as they might not support the Explosive element. These are not game-breaking, and the weapons that spawn will usually be held weird and be unable to shoot.

    This mod is compatible with Frackin' Universe. The following manufacturers will also be able to use the listed elements from FU:

    Custom: Cosmic, radioactive, shadow
    Manaticon: Cosmic, radioactive, shadow
    Necrolix: Radioactive, shadow
    Shade Co.: Shadow
    Xia-Li: Cosmic, radioactive


    If I install this mod midway through a game, what happens?

    Any of your random weapons that can have a manufacturer (which are usually the common, uncommon, and rare variants of the default weapons) will get regenerated, with new elements, stats, and appearances.

    However, the weapons' names and weapon types will not be changed. This might lead to some oddities like an old "Manaticon Waveterror" now having Callox as a manufacturer.

    If I remove this mod midway through a game, what happens?

    All of your weapons should be regenerated to how they would normally be without the mod. As with before, the weapon's names and types will not be changed.

    As much as I hope there are no bugs, I am destined to suffer through errors. I have tested this mod, but it hasn't received a full playthrough in-game, only playthrough of the early planets, along with me mass spawning and testing different random weapons.

    If you come across a bug, please let me know what happened. If you find a weapon that won't fire or is held like a club, please report the weapon's type, rarity, and manufacturer, and any errors in your log file.


    This mod wouldn't have made it this far without all the support and attention it has received. Huge thanks to AlbertoRota, who keeps on coming up with more and more creative ideas for the mod, and implementing them. Many of the unique aspects of the different manufacturers is his work, and his work has greatly improved this mod.

    Also, I would like to thank sayter, who was very friendly and helpful when I was updating this mod to work better with Frackin' Universe


    You can change certain settings for this mod. In order to do so, you need to download this and put the ManufacturersTouchOptions folder in your Starbound mod directory (the readme explains it better). Then you can edit the values in manufacturerstouch.config for your preferences.

    This zip also contains patches for improving compatibility with some mods. You need to add those folders just the same way as you add the options folder.

    Modder's Guides

    Adding a new manufacturer

    Adding a new manufacturer (WIP TUTORIAL)

    Adding a new manufacturer is relatively easy, but requires a lot of files used for patching them into the game.

    Step 1: Creating the files needed

    In your mod directory, create a folder for items. In that folder create active, then weapons, then manufacturers, then a folder named after the manufacture you want to make.

    For this tutorial we are making "Hello World Weaponry", so our path looks like this:

    In this tutorial create a text file. Name this file your manufacturer name, and give it the file extension .manu

    Step 2: Setting the manufacturer stats

    Open the .manu file in your favorite text editor. This file will use JSON to store the data.

    Create a pair of curly brackets, with the opening and closing brackets on separate lines. In between them, add "manufacturerName" : "YOUR NAME GOES HERE"

    The document should look like this.

      "manufacturerName" : "Hello World Guns"
    To be continued later....

    Adding Compatibility for a Weapon

    Adding Compatibility for a Weapon

    This guide will instruct you on how to make a weapon fully compatible with manufacturers.

    This guide is entirely reliant on JSON patching. If you don't know what that is, this can be a good introduction.

    Step 1: Create the Patch File
    Create a parallel file directory to the weapon you want to patch, so that the path in your mod is the same as the path in the mod you want to add compatibility to. Create a text file with the same name as the weapon you want to replace (including file extension), then add the ".patch" file extension to that, so that it is no longer a ".txt" file.

    Open this file up in a text editor, like Notepad or Notepad++. On one line, add a [, and a ] on the next line, like so:
    Step 2: Add a List of Manufacturers
    Add the following code to the patch file, so that it now looks like the following.
        "op": "add",
        "path": "/builderConfig/0/manufacturer",
        "value": [
    You can now add the names of any manufacturers you want this weapon to be able to have in between the two square brackets at the "value". Each name needs to have quotes around it, and all but the very last manufacturer needs to have a comma between them too, so in the end your file looks like this:
        "op": "add",
        "path": "/builderConfig/0/manufacturer",
        "value": [
    Here is a list of all the manufacturer names in the default mod:


    Step 3: Elements
    If none of your manufacturers can force your weapon to have an element that it doesn't normally have, then lucky you. You can skip to Step 5.

    You can also skip to step 5 as of version 1.2.5, as the game will now use alt ability settings for other elements if the current element isn't supported. Of course, you can always add proper support for a unique elemental configuration.

    The manufacturers in this mod that can do that are Callox, Graxus, Manaticon, or Rotik. If you didn't use any of them, you're safe.

    If you did use one of these, you have to add the proper elements to your weapon. First, check to see if the original weapon you are patching has an "elementalConfig" or not in its .activeitem file. Generally, all uncommon and rare weapons will have this, while all else won't.

    If your weapon does have the elementalConfig, do this:

    Add an operation to add the line "treatPhysicalAsElementalType", with a value of true, and an elemental config for physical, as follows:
        "op": "add",
        "path": "/builderConfig/0/manufacturer",
        "value": [
        "op": "add",
        "path": "/builderConfig/0/treatPhysicalAsElementalType",
        "value": true
        "op": "add",
        "path": "/builderConfig/0/elementalConfig/physical",
        "value": {
          "primaryAbility": {
            "damageConfig": {
              "statusEffects": []
          "fireSounds": [
    Now you need to add appropriate fireSounds in the config for physical. These can mostly just be copied from the weapon .activeitem itself.

    If it doesn't, do this:

    You need to add the following lines to your weapon:
        "op": "remove",
        "path": "/elementalType"
        "op": "remove",
        "path": "/fireSounds"
        "op": "add",
        "path": "/builderConfig/0/treatPhysicalAsElementalType",
        "value": true
        "op": "add",
        "path": "/builderConfig/0/noElementalTypeUnlessForced",
        "value": true
        "op": "add",
        "path": "/builderConfig/0/elementalType",
        "value": [
    You can add or remove any elements from the "elementalType" tag, as long as you have enough for the manufacturers your weapon can have.

    After this, you need to add the configurations for each elemental type. This is a pain, and is very reliant on whatever your base weapon has for projectiles and fire sounds. For the most part, you can copy this and replace those parts:

    If your weapon is a melee weapon, you'll want to replace every "projectilveType":"" with "statusEffects":[ ], as fits.
        "op": "add",
        "path": "/builderConfig/0/elementalConfig",
        "value": {
          "fire": {
            "primaryAbility": { "projectileType": "fireplasma" },
            "fireSounds": [ "/sfx/gun/plasma_ar1.ogg", "/sfx/gun/plasma_ar2.ogg", "/sfx/gun/plasma_ar3.ogg", "/sfx/gun/plasma_pistol3.ogg" ]
          "ice": {
            "primaryAbility": { "projectileType": "iceplasma" },
            "fireSounds": [ "/sfx/gun/plasma_ar1.ogg", "/sfx/gun/plasma_ar2.ogg", "/sfx/gun/plasma_ar3.ogg", "/sfx/gun/plasma_pistol3.ogg" ]
          "poison": {
            "primaryAbility": { "projectileType": "poisonplasma" },
            "fireSounds": [ "/sfx/gun/plasma_ar1.ogg", "/sfx/gun/plasma_ar2.ogg", "/sfx/gun/plasma_ar3.ogg", "/sfx/gun/plasma_pistol3.ogg" ]
          "electric": {
            "primaryAbility": { "projectileType": "electricplasma" },
            "fireSounds": [ "/sfx/gun/plasma_ar1.ogg", "/sfx/gun/plasma_ar2.ogg", "/sfx/gun/plasma_ar3.ogg", "/sfx/gun/plasma_pistol3.ogg" ]
          "explosive": {
            "primaryAbility": { "projectileType": "kit_projectile_explosivebullet" },
            "fireSounds": [ "/sfx/gun/ar1.ogg", "/sfx/gun/ar2.ogg", "/sfx/gun/ar3.ogg", "/sfx/gun/ar4.ogg", "/sfx/gun/ar5.ogg", "/sfx/gun/ar6.ogg"
          "physical": {
            "primaryAbility": { "projectileType": "standardbullet" },
            "fireSounds": [ "/sfx/gun/ar1.ogg", "/sfx/gun/ar2.ogg", "/sfx/gun/ar3.ogg", "/sfx/gun/ar4.ogg", "/sfx/gun/ar5.ogg", "/sfx/gun/ar6.ogg"

    Step 4: Alt Abilities
    This part can be skipped if your weapon doesn't have any alt abilities, if the weapon has only default alt abilities, or if all of its default abilities don't change depending on the elemental type.

    If you are not able to skip this, then you have two options: (a) either remove the alt abilities from your weapon that don't work with the elements, or (b) patch every alt abilities that is missing the elements you need.

    (b) is rather difficult, because it is completely different for every alt abilities, but for the most part you need to create patches for everyone, and add in the elemental config that fits it. If an alt ability only supports physical, then you actually don't really have to add anything, since it'll likely work for all elements. If the alt ability supports electric, fire, ice, poison, then you'll likely need to patch in physical (and maybe explosive).

    Step 5: Names
    This last step is to make sure the random name generation for the weapon works. In the base game, all weapons get their manufacturer name as part of the generator.

    What you need to do is remove those names, so that the manufacturer themselves can instead add their prefixes. If you don't, you might end up with strange names like "Survival Necrolix Waveslasher".

    Create a .patch file, just like you did in Step 1, but instead for whatever weaponnames.config file your weapon uses.

    Inside the .patch file you made, add the following code:
        "op": "remove",
        "path": "/nameGen/1/1"
    This removes the first part of the name gen list, which for the default random weapons is always the vanilla manufacturer name.

    Step 6: Test
    With that, test out your mod to make sure everything is working.


    Anyone can edit this mod or use it in a modpack, but I would really prefer if you told me about it first!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. example_0.png
    2. example_1.png
    3. example_2.png

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