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Maple 32 1.4.4

Adds the Nuu Species and a bunch of dungeons, as well as some biome types.

  1. Circling closer to my doom like a chucklefish in a toilet bowl RN, talk to you later!

    Lemon drops
    Flame-consigned literature is now tagged a junk item.

    Added crafting recipe for vanilla gauntlet and made it a default recipe for human players.

    Added a way for other species to obtain the recipe for gauntlets and also stun gloves.

    Treasure pools for the big electrical tower thingies are now different.

    Storm bow recipe no longer unlocked by picking up bow fragments, now must be unlocked with a blueprint found in the same crates.

    Storm bow fragment name and description changed to be more vague as to its purpose in case I want to use it for something else later.

    Lightning trap no longer unlocked by default, it now has a chance to unlock with the blueprint from above.

    Fixed tags on biome traps and stuff, now geysers indoors will attract oasis villagers.

    Fixed gas grenade tooltips.

    Modified the new dungeon a bit.

    Modified guard dialog a bit.

    Storm bow icon changed.

    New augment that reduces electrical damage by a third and recharges energy when electrified.

    New augment that regenerates health based on light level.

    The stat blocker stim is no longer available from nuu merchants because it was way too OP to be able to get infinite ones. They now can be gotten from quest reward bags sometimes.

    Refined some verdurous microdungeons and added a few more. Also added quest locations to them.

    New augment that lowers friction when crouched, making crouching players able to slide attack with fists. Can be found below the seafloor of thrashed planets.

    Evil turpentiners are now balanced so they are squishier. Their weapon choice is fixed now too so they get both a dagger AND a flamethrower.

    Refinery worker tenants buffed so they don't die instantly in combat.

    Made mysterious unidentified augments for you to risk putting in your EPP.

    Steppe biomes now have terraformers.

    Changed geyser icon.

    Changed the easter egg object that you cannot get except with /spawnitem.

    Some other background stuff you won't see, and might be removed.
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