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Maple 32 1.4.4

Adds the Nuu Species and a bunch of dungeons, as well as some biome types.

  1. A mini-update kicked out the door.

    Lemon drops
    Soulspark flares now ignite enemies on contact until they hit the ground or 5 seconds pass.

    Verdinoct bow and spear are no longer unlocked by obtaining verdinoct, now they need a blueprint found in the same biome.

    Vanilla vinefist unlockable with above blueprint.

    Turpentiner set now cannot be found in chests and instead is a relatively common drop from the evil turpentiners. They also sometimes drop nectar and flamethrowers.

    Rebalanced bayonet on the boukalow tides. It now also does flame damage.

    Nutmidges, crustoises and sporguses added underneath verdurous planets.

    Verdurous monsters generate differently in the trunk layer now.

    Changed nuu tier 2 and 3 armor sprites and colors to fix some oversights and make it look better overall.

    Safe moons are now 9 layers deep. Also added underground moon bioluminescent subbiome here, which is good for looking nice and glow fiber but not much else. Also added lunar crystal caves here. And salt caves too, where you can get stygosalt early.

    Did something that should fix how the crashed ship dungeons don't generate the whole thing most of the time.

    Added a submerged themed light, so now you can make a full submerged themed room.

    Nuu bandits now wear the pangolin set, which they also sometimes drop.

    Changed large Nuu booster.

    Safe moons are now more colorful when viewed from other planets than normal moons.

    Removed recipe for status immunity stim.
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