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Maple 32 1.4.4

Adds the Nuu Species and a bunch of dungeons, as well as some biome types.

  1. A Hanukkah Gift, I Guess?

    Lemon drops
    Nuu gliding no longer works in places with less than 30 gravity so that it doesn't work on airless moons.

    Changed some of the snow microdungeons added in M32.

    Added some new snow microdungeons.

    Secret agent tenant now is recruited as new "Operative" crew member type rather than "outlaw". Operatives use a poison handgun and a dagger in close quarters. They also give you camouflage status effect, like how the chemists do.

    Steppe villagers (the ones with the shortbows) are now recruitable as a special "Shortbowsman" crew member. They also have more hat variety, now with colors, and sometimes a scarf or nothing instead.

    Refinery tenants now have a chance to be recruited as "Shield Technician" crew member, who temporarily give you a shield that drains your energy rather than your health on hit, Exactly like the one in the outdated Maple32+Black Ice mod I made. Except it's pink instead of blue because erchius.

    That campfire stew recipe is now cheaper, Spore soup now makes bulk, other food recipe changes.

    New song added, and music for some biomes altered to include it and some thematically appropriate vanilla songs mixed in for variety.

    Villagers now can sometimes be recruited as "Illuminator" crew members. They hold a bright lantern and a pistol to help illuminate stuff while you mine, and help you a bit in combat as well.

    Fixed salt trees when windblown, but this update may also mangle any already generated salt trees.

    Recolored ice pots so you can actually see them.

    Certain weathers have had changes to their particle effects and stuff to look better, help with lag a bit, and more.

    Antialbedo helmet status effect changed a bit.

    Windchill no longer kills NPCs and monsters, but this might be later changed to just monsters being safe.

    Fixed certain dungeons and microdungeons being weird when generated.

    Rebalanced storm bow now that it's easier to get.

    Power Grid dungeon added to thrashed planets. This might be removed in the future though.

    Disabled generation of hard to find cloud dungeons as they are now redundant.
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