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Maple 32 1.4.4

Adds the Nuu Species and a bunch of dungeons, as well as some biome types.

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    Lemon drops
    Added new smooth ice matmod for a new biome, smooth ice caves. It has lots of smashable pots here. It sometimes generates under aeolian and steppe planets.

    Smooth ice caves have treasure chests that can rarely contain a new shortsword: "Snowflake Splitter" with an effect that is beneficial when used with snowflake shuriken or something else that applies frostslow.

    Fixed a logspam related to the big dynamite explosions.

    Removed some biome patches that added M32 microdungeons to vanilla underground biomes.

    Fixed a problem with the nuu vending machine.

    Added 2 new, but not especially interesting microdungeons to the desert microdungeon pool.

    Removed hand crafted bio-sample recipe as it's no longer needed.

    Fixed turpentiner dungeon where the objects break and they get dunked in acid for no reason.

    Added verdinoct axe, and made it craftable once the blueprint is unlocked. The blueprint can be obtained by using "mudstained blueprint"

    Nerfed the verdinoct headache status effect, which in turn nerfs verdinoct weapons a bit.

    Also rebalanced verdinoct weapon damage.

    Changed recipes for other verdinoct weapons slightly.

    Verdurous guard npcs now hold the axe from earlier instead of a normal axe. They also have been rebalanced so that they don't just die all the time.

    Removed sporgus from verdurous planets because it was getting a bit overcrowded with monsters.

    Fixed a really stupid typo in starbound's assets because I wanted to and because tiy chucklefish won't.

    Changed some biome generation chances underneath aeolian and steppe planets.

    Certain microdungeons were modified to be better.

    Core caves under bioindustrial planets have been replaced with a unique core biome now because wombat on the discord server was pestering me.

    Sporgus samples can now be turned into living roots at the apothecary/medical station

    Turpentiner set now has a full suit worn perk that reduces all elemental damage a bit. This is bad news when fighting hostile turpentiners on verdurous planets.
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