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Maple 32 1.4.4

Adds the Nuu Species and a bunch of dungeons, as well as some biome types.

  1. Fun fact: the funny hijinks song is actually called "Sabre Dance"

    Lemon drops
    Nerfed ABMG weapons.
    Now the normal skimbus on thrashed planets is the stormy one. This fucks up the rare collecting aspect but I don't care.
    Redid thrashed planet monster generation so now it's a bit less extra.
    Made keystone recipes more useful and made them autounlock because I forgot to in those ancient days before the first oven was lit and the first loaf baked.
    Planet threatranges set properly so now ores will be the correct ones.
    Replaced Nuu radio with Glutt radio in desert microdungeons because I forgot to do that before.
    Added grain to Nuu farm storage rooms.
    Added some stuff to containers in Nuu villages. Also added a new segment.
    Rebalanced some treasure pools, now there's less stuff available.
    Modified rails dungeon to enable tunnels.
    Fixed large crashed ship generation so now it looks normal.
    Changed foliage on vanilla ocean planets to sometimes throw in a jungle plant along with the grass.
    Modified vanilla coconut tree stems to sometimes grow shorter, moved from a minimum of three segments to a minimum of one.
    Finished a tree foliage called "thickalienleaves" that I forgot I left half-done. Now trees with them generate in curious crags subbiome. They are a renewable source of thorn fruit.
    Now snow dunes and sand dunes subbiomes have special ore generation.
    Fog and haze weathers optimized and modified.
    Added blue bushes and stuff to thrashed planets to match the blue grass.
    Disabled some of the constellations and reenabled one. If anyone wants them back, remove commenting in sky.config.patch. Also Modified constellations to add transparency so they don't stand out so much. Also decreased cellsize to 1500 which means constellations should be slightly more frequent.
    Added extra biome loot to fog ninja camps.
    Made a patch for vanilla that blocks Hylotl huts (the surface ones) from generating below the water line because the power lines dungeon sometimes makes partially to fully submerged islands for clearance.
    Slightly modified power lines dungeons which hopefully prevents it from trying to use masts as branches in rare cases.
    Modified sprites for magma swamp trees, also added a new segment type to them.
    Demangled Nuu guard tenants because I haven't looked at them since I made them many years ago and GOOD LORD WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THERE?
    Removed some of the old unused thumbnails because they just take up space and bandwidth with no purpose.
    Added the ability to buy floral variants of stormgrass seeds, red grass seeds, and stonegrass seeds from terramart.
    Fixed a typo in throwable fallen leaves.
    Ember coral tea and glow coral tea now are unlocked by picking up respective corals rather than being known. Milk also unlocks cream pudding instead of being known.
    Fixed bad weather station sprite.
    Slightly changed recipes for some nuu weapons.
    Added craftability to candle hat because apparently I forgot to when I made it. Craft at farm workbench thingy.
    Moved verdurous weather to M32weather.config. The old one's still there temporarily to prevent worlds from dying, but consider a universe wipe in the coming weeks/months
    Modified dungeon generation on verdurous canopy, now Hylotl castles can generate and Floran hunting grounds have been made slightly less common. Nuu farms and towns have been removed from generation.
    Desert and snow armed villagers now have their armors changed so they don't get immediately mauled in a fight. Also Novakid desert villagers now just dress like Novakids since they live in deserts frequently.
    Mech part recipes changed, notify me if this ruined 'em.
    Magnetic deserts added to midnight planets, also parallax changed so the clouds look good on midnight planets instead of standing out like a sore thumb.
    Some magnetic desert microdungeons now have NPCs in them.
    Visage mech sprite (default Nuu mech) slightly changed.
    Added 2 new Hylotl island house microdungeons.
    Thrashed parallax changed slightly, the little clouds are darker during the daytime now.
    Added 2 new craftable beverages, the recipes must be unlocked first though.
    Nuu tier 3 and 4 armor more expensive now.
    Minor things not worth mentioning, things like reversing a backwards stool or fixing a typo in a codex.
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