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Maple 32 1.4.4

Adds the Nuu Species and a bunch of dungeons, as well as some biome types.

  1. Fun fact: the funny hijinks song is actually called "Sabre Dance"

    Lemon drops
    Nerfed ABMG weapons.
    Now the normal skimbus on thrashed planets is the stormy one. This fucks up the rare collecting aspect but I don't care.
    Redid thrashed planet monster generation so now it's a bit less extra.
    Made keystone recipes more useful and made them autounlock because I forgot to in those ancient days before the first oven was lit and the first loaf baked.
    Planet threatranges set properly so now ores will be the correct ones.
    Replaced Nuu radio with Glutt radio in desert...
  2. Shitty update in which not much was done

    Lemon drops
    Triplod targeting range extended
    Removed recipe that turned sporgus samples into living roots.
    Changed drop rates for sporgus mushroom harvest. (test balance)
    Resprited dread lotuses to have more height variation and look better because of that.
    Ores generate at ammounts appropriate for the depths in the aquatic caves below thrashed planets and bubbling benthic(test to see if too much)
    There's now a larger tooltip for MORS sticks
    Leech sprouts and rogue biote immunity stims now last 150...
  3. I feel like I missed something before release. If you find it tell me.

    Lemon drops

    Healing and rage grenade sprites updated, also assets were relocated into the correct directories instead of whatever the fuck I thought was appropriate in 2019

    Modified lightning rod lightning so that it electrifies players better.

    Riot shield description no longer overflows

    Dune Sea parallax now reflects light

    Changed liquomorph sprite so now it's even cooler looking than before.

    Glutt now have their debuff removed when wet, so wetmeds actually do something. Also,...
  4. A very small update

    Lemon drops
    Made reaction between lava and poison liquid that makes magnetin powder blocks.

    New more efficient recipe for vivatin requiring magnetin powder instead of normal magnetin.

    Creamo-vivatin composite now called ceramo-magnetin composite and takes magnetin powder instead of normal magnetin.
  5. how do I tell my doctor I need antipsychotics please help I am struggling

    Lemon drops
    Added new smooth ice matmod for a new biome, smooth ice caves. It has lots of smashable pots here. It sometimes generates under aeolian and steppe planets.

    Smooth ice caves have treasure chests that can rarely contain a new shortsword: "Snowflake Splitter" with an effect that is beneficial when used with snowflake shuriken or something else that applies frostslow.

    Fixed a logspam related to the big dynamite explosions.

    Removed some biome patches that added M32 microdungeons to vanilla...
  6. Urgent fix due to own stupidity

    Lemon drops
    Fixed the big booster after messing it up before for my alternative ship mod(sorry).

    Also changed certain boosters so that they aren't solid.
  7. A mini-update kicked out the door.

    Lemon drops
    Soulspark flares now ignite enemies on contact until they hit the ground or 5 seconds pass.

    Verdinoct bow and spear are no longer unlocked by obtaining verdinoct, now they need a blueprint found in the same biome.

    Vanilla vinefist unlockable with above blueprint.

    Turpentiner set now cannot be found in chests and instead is a relatively common drop from the evil turpentiners. They also sometimes drop nectar and flamethrowers.

    Rebalanced bayonet on the boukalow tides. It now also does...
  8. Circling closer to my doom like a chucklefish in a toilet bowl RN, talk to you later!

    Lemon drops
    Flame-consigned literature is now tagged a junk item.

    Added crafting recipe for vanilla gauntlet and made it a default recipe for human players.

    Added a way for other species to obtain the recipe for gauntlets and also stun gloves.

    Treasure pools for the big electrical tower thingies are now different.

    Storm bow recipe no longer unlocked by picking up bow fragments, now must be unlocked with a blueprint found in the same crates.

    Storm bow fragment name and description changed to be more...
  9. A Hanukkah Gift, I Guess?

    Lemon drops
    Nuu gliding no longer works in places with less than 30 gravity so that it doesn't work on airless moons.

    Changed some of the snow microdungeons added in M32.

    Added some new snow microdungeons.

    Secret agent tenant now is recruited as new "Operative" crew member type rather than "outlaw". Operatives use a poison handgun and a dagger in close quarters. They also give you camouflage status effect, like how the chemists do.

    Steppe villagers (the ones with the shortbows) are now recruitable...
  10. Apologies for updating so soon after updating

    Lemon drops
    Microdungeons in drowned depths biome are less populated to help reduce lag.
    Drowned depths dungeon distribution probability also reduced.