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Maple 32 1.4.4

Adds the Nuu Species and a bunch of dungeons, as well as some biome types.

  1. I took too long to do this I need to update faster

    Lemon drops
    Fixed idiot dialog mistake, glutt crewmembers now say the correct lines
    removed ability for air caves to spawn with underwater caves because it was immersion breaking and other reasons
    added trogloflora preserve subbiome. It generates under bioindustrial and verdurous planets.
    Added curious crags subbiome. It is very similar to hoodoos except very colorful. It generates on alien planets.
    Steppe biomes no longer generate on snow planets.
    Fixed idiot mistake with glutt t1 head armor
  2. A stupid fix and other things

    Lemon drops
    Steppe only spawns as a subbiome on tundra planets now
    Changed some armor coloration
    Changed some armor sprites
    Changed constellations to generate in the same way as the bunny one. The bunny constellation is now rarer due to this.
    Rebalanced certain weapons
    Fixed idiotic dunes biome parallax error
    Changed an item name and projectile name due to mod conflict
    removed rust biome from generation of bioindustrial planets because it didn't quite fit.
    Background stuff you will not see yet
  3. ship update and more

    Lemon drops
    added submerged furniture set, which allows underwater villagers to spawn as tenants. It also allows underwater guards to spawn as tenants if there is a weapons crate.
    Added ceiling hook furniture object and recipe because haha funny but might remove it later IDK.
    changed the tier 0 ship and some ship objects just a tiny bit.
    changed some object descriptions
    removed an old dungeon and object from the files that were removed from generation before the mod's release.
    Removed the unused dirt...
  4. Fixing stupid mistakes from last update because I was too lazy to test

    Lemon drops
    Changed aeolian horizon texture
    changed steppe horizon texture
    fixed problem with RA-Hecatonchire texture
    changed location of subbiomes underneath thrashed planets
    Removed possibility for scorched city secondary regions to spawn on bioindustrial planets
    reverted change to tall islands generation
    fixed 2 recipe mistakes
    added 2 new cosmetic head items, "spyhardwarehead" and "spyhardwareheadhylo". Added these items to the covert operative tennant npc, and can be obtained as rent payment by the...
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  5. An Absolutely Gargantuan Update

    Lemon drops
    enabled glutt for play. the glutt are still very much a WIP.
    added glutt weapons
    resprited glutt armor
    glutt armor now has double energy for all levels, but only goes to T4
    glutt dungeons
    added hoverbike friendly dune sea subbiome, glutt dungeons spawn there.
    glutt enabled for play (temporary)
    resprited stone heads to better resemble Nuu physiology
    added powder drifts subbiome, similar to dune sea but snow themed without dungeons, and without monsters.
    added hoodoos subbiome, a...
  6. Logspam removal had better fucking work this time

    Lemon drops
    Glitch and Novakid now immune to avian flu (disease not implemented yet)
    Made species patch for immunities use "test" so that it does not logspam and err when using mods that change species status effects.
    Crafting flame suit now requires an upgraded spinning wheel.
    Added a weapon that is not implemented and may be deleted or changed later.
    Deleted sootlung disease which was not implemented.
    Removed the ability to cheese through diseases with a grappling hook.
  7. Compatibility with race stats mods

    Lemon drops
    Glitch and Novakid now immune to avian flu (not implemented yet)
    Made species patch for immunities use "test" so that it does not logspam and err when using mods that change species status effects.
  8. Tiny stuff and an important fix

    Lemon drops
    Fixed t2 armor stat to prevent errors (it was a very stupid mistake)
    Fixed refinery lamp placement.
    Updated Nuu race descrip. on character creation.
    Fixed racial disease immunity, removing logspam.
    Rebalanced treetop militia gun and also replaced its special attack.
    Added treasure pools to some previously empty microdungeon chests
    Added an unused npctype that will be implemented later
  9. some fixes and minor changes

    Lemon drops
    changed bullet for spygun.
    8 new graffitis, and the way to get the recipe changed.
    graffiti drops 5 pixels when broken. It has a 30% chance of also dropping its recipe.
    no more logspam when NPCs contract diseases that give you a faster hunger rate.
    Redid the mechpallate to make it work with other mech color mods.
    Changed one of the easter eggs slightly
  10. Quick fix

    Lemon drops
    FU conflict. Renamed item. Works, hopefully!