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Maple 32 1.4.4

Adds the Nuu Species and a bunch of dungeons, as well as some biome types.

  1. Big Update

    Lemon drops
    2 new furniture sets
    multiple non furniture set objects
    2 new tenants
    changed planet images for thrashed and aeolian planets
    fixed ship atmosphere issues
    added 3 new weapons
    changed some unlocks
    changed some recipes
    bullet speed for nuu weapons increased to 150
    made lightning weather cooler
    added 3 new cosmetic armor sets
    added an object which produces a large explosion for tunneling/land clearing when activated.
    made shattered planets more difficult, also added an extreme heat EPP
  2. I forgor

    Lemon drops
    there are 2 new diseases you can contract. There are cures available in certain dungeons and microdungeons
    openable crates now can be obtained from some hostile encounters
    2 new weather events
    replaced Nuu emote sprites
    Changed color options of the lights on the trudger and surge mech bodies, they are more vibrant now
    added lighting to multiple unique weapons
    added lighting to plasma bayonet special attack
    added lighting to the windchill epp and glow-worm armor
    fixed some dialog issues
  3. Upgrades and Atmosphere

    Lemon drops
    The reflector rifle now can be upgraded into the refractor rifle
    the atmosphere layer of newly generated thrashed planets will contain 6 small dungeons, each of which has a chest which may have the storm bow in it.
    storm bows now only spawn in atmosphere dungeons

    probably something else too
  4. fixes and extras

    Lemon drops
    added a new crop type, which takes up space like this:

    It spawns in heat vent biomes

    fixed tiny plants
    fixed shredroot
    added a patch for an outpost npc who may have a quest in the future
    loot in underground house dungeons changed
    added a new weapon, the reflector rifle

    salt pan biome added to desert planets, makes hoverbikes slightly useful

    also fixed orbital homestead generation
  5. New Cave Biomes

    Lemon drops
    there are 2 new cave biomes, heat vent and fault biomes
    a new block, wet limestone
    changed some biome blocks around
    implemented orbital homesteads
    changed and added other things, but I cannot remember what at the moment
  6. Actually Fixed This Time

    Lemon drops
    actually replaced monster drops to remove candy bags, I messed up last time
    added a drill thingy
    added some cosmetic armor that is not obtainable without cheats yet
    added some less than cosmetic armor as well, also not obtainable
    more background stuff that is not yet used in the mod as well
  7. A fix and the holiday stuff is now gone

    Lemon drops
    I fixed a big screw up with statuses.config.patch
    you can exchange 20 candy bags for diamonds for a limited time in your hand crafting
    candy jar is no longer craftable
    candy bags no longer drop when killing enemies
  8. a festive update

    Lemon drops
    Added storm bow found rarely on thrashed planets.
    Fixed some stuff but don't remember what exactly.
    Headwear for flame suit added.
    There are some items also added but are not obtainable yet, as they will not be implemented until they are completely finished.

    Monsters will drop candy bags until next update, when they will stop dropping them. The items will stay in the mod afterwards, but will not be obtainable anymore.
    There are some new food items that will no longer be obtainable after the...
  9. misc

    Lemon drops
    Added 2 new hairstyles
    Fixed carapace hunting drop kick back to ship
    Fixed glutt town dungeon generation
    Added talon bow
    Added a recipe for thread
    Probably something else too
  10. Some fixes and additions

    Lemon drops
    Changed some dungeons to place correctly and more. (no more mines going above ground)

    Added cool bows and a shortbow (shortbow has a higher ROF and lower energy use, in exchange for lower damage and accuracy).

    Uses for effluvium as non nuu added.

    Added a cosmetic armor. You can unlock the recipe with fireproof padding.

    There is now an EPP upgrade that prevents extreme windchill during aeolian blizzards. It exchanges for this the inability for the EPP to do anything other than cold...