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Maple 32 1.4.4

Adds the Nuu Species and a bunch of dungeons, as well as some biome types.

  1. Dungeons and Stuff

    Lemon drops
    It has been a while, I do not remember all that is in the update. I do know that:

    A more advanced mine dungeon has been created. It spawns on aeolian and bioindustrial planets.

    I have made some edits to failed aeolian colony dungeons.

    I disabled data cards spawning and the ability to craft the decrypter. It was confusing people and the codices were cringe anyways. Please do not read any of the codices unless you wish to tell me what should be better written.
  2. Terrain Generation Update

    Lemon drops
    Updated terrain generation for verdurous planets to be wavier and changed cave generation
    updated industrial underground to have different subbiomes and additional dungeons
    updated aeolian underground to use underground tundra biome rather than the underground ice
    changed horizons of aeolian and thrashed to be cloudy
    updated verdurous NPC dialog
    changed verdurous underground layer around adding subbiomes and dungeons

    other stuff probably
  3. Verdurous Update

    Lemon drops
    Changed some things about verdurous biomes
    Added verdurous microdungeons
    Two new npcs, verdurous researchers and villagers
    New objects, including rusty swamp tanks

    probably something else I forgot
  4. Added some furniture and fixed crops

    Lemon drops
    I added some nuu themed furniture craftable with pixel printer
    I fixed tiny plants
    I changed harvest pools for artificial hives
  5. Multipe Things

    Lemon drops
    Changed planet images for aeolian planets and thrashed planets
    Changed parallax for verdurous and shattered planets
    Probably other things I forgor
  6. Bounty Fixes

    Lemon drops
    I looked in the bounty patches in the mod while assisting someone else, and discovered some big issues that are now fixed
  7. Changed an Object Name

    Lemon drops
    I changed the centrifuge object name because it was causing compatibility issues.
  8. Horizon issue

    Lemon drops
    Fixed a big issue with the horizon graphic of shattered planets not showing up.

    some other stuff happened too but I forgot because I did it yesterday.

    (apologies for updating so soon, I will try to avoid it but this time was important)
  9. Some minor changes

    Lemon drops
    Changed sprite of nuuneon2 slightly.
    Added classiccapturecase (a classic theme case for storing capture pods)
    Added poultry dumplings and oleaginous potstickers
    Added storm grass seeds (The blue grass on thrashed planets. They must be placed on tilled blocks.)
    Added autumnal leaves (The leaves on the ground on bioindustrial planets. These can be placed on non-tilled blocks)

    The classic capture pod case, as well as the autumnal leaves and storm grass seeds can be bought at terramart.
  10. changed the preview image

    Lemon drops
    changed the preview image