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Matter Manipulator Manipulator 2.1

Change size & toggle liquid collection

  1. 2.1

    Paint options that were promised.

    Now I can focus on making it more efficient.
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  2. 2.0

    Early 2.0 releases to resolve some issues with non-vanilla MM
    Requires Quickbar from Quickbar Mini or StardustLib
    Paint sizes are missing but will be added shortly.
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  3. 1.5

    Added Quickbar Mini to includes (standalone quickbar alternative to StardustLib)
  4. Planning MMM 2.0

    Planning to remake this mod and add more stuff. If you have any ideas or suggestions then please post in discussion thread.

    (No file or version changes, noticed it was pushed to top because of this announcement.)
  5. 1.4

    Compatibility with Quickbar in StardustLib.
  6. 1.3

    Rewrite, 100% compatible with MUI, EMM and also lets you pick paint size.
  7. Version 1.2 did not post

    Attempt number 2
  8. Boost da power!

    The increase in destruction rate was so minuscule compared to the block radius you were sacrificing.

    Every point decreased now gives you a bonus increase equal to that of a Power Generator upgrade (1.2 tile damage)
  9. Beam focus

    You are now able to focus the beam by picking a smaller size than your max.
    On a fully upgraded Matter Manipulator, size 1 will increase your destruction rate by 50%.