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Medical Potions 1.10 [Pleased Giraffe]

Craft your own very powerful Medical Potions.

  1. NeoVanAlemania


    Are you annoyed by the weak vanilla bandages?
    Do you want to heal yourself without using tons of bandages?
    Do you want to use all other special effects in the Starbound?
    Then Medical Potions is just right for you!

    The new Medical Potions Station comes with all the equipment you need for making your own potions. You can build the Ingredient Extractor to extract the essence of different crops, or craft the new designed Potion Crafting Station.
    On the other hand use the Medical Cupboard to store your Medical Potions items with a space of 32 Slots.

    There are a lot of required ingredients like Liquid Water, different drops from monsters like Monster Essences, eatables from your farms or other materials like extracts. The Monster Essences controls the tier system of this mod mainly.

    Also you will be able to craft various potions with different boost effects. Lava Protection, Antidote, Featherfall, lower gravitation, Jump Boost, Run Boost, Power Boost, Armor Boost, Glow and certainly Health/Energy healing and boosting.

    In the new version of Medical Potions you can read the recent in game books as well. Learn to use Medical Potions with the manual or find your crops easier with the guide. Both books are available at the start in your codex with new characters, or can be crafted in the Medical Potions Station for old veterans.

    It´s time to increase your farms... there are 13 different Potions in total which are waiting only for you, enjoy! :)


    The problem with the vanilla bandages is the really small healing rate of 30 health points. For example at later planets with e.g. 180 health points it is annoying to spam tons of them, it is just a waste of time.
    Let´s have a look at the potion crafting system...

    • At the start just pick up an Iron Crafting Table to unlock the recipe for the Medical Potions Station, the heart of the Medical Potions Mod. With it you can build all the equipment you need. Use the Ingredient Extractor and the Potion Crafting Station zu craft your potions.
    • In the customized interface you can sort your available potions and materials like you wish. To create your potions you need to craft an "Empty Bottle" in your Furnace at first. Now extract the essence of the required crops with your Ingredient Extractor to get for example a Beakseed Extract.
    • After you crafted one or more extracts it is time to hunt Monster Essences, which controls the tier of the most potions. It is important to hunt on planets with a threat level of Mostly Harmless or higher to gain Monster Essences as loot from killed enemies. The higher the planets threat the higher the quality of your Monster Essences.
    • The last step is to combine all your crafted ingredients plus collected liquid water in the Potion Crafting Station to get your first Medical Potion!

    Survival Potions
    • Healing Potion - regenerating 50% of your maximum health independent of your armor.
    • Max Health Potion - increasing your maximum life about 50% temporarily.
    • Mana Potion - increasing the energy regeneration about 50% temporarily.
    • Max Energy Potion - increasing your maximum energy about 50% temporarily.

    Protection Potions
    • Antidote Potion - gain immunity to toxic pools temporarily.
    • Lava Protection Potion - gain immunity to Lava Pools temporarily.
    • Featherfall Potion - gain immunity to fall damage temporarily.

    Booster Potions
    • Glow Potion - generating a glow around you temporarily.
    • Graviton Potion - decreasing your own gravitation by 50% temporarily.
    • Jump Boost Potion - increasing your jump power temporarily.
    • Speed Boost Potion - increasing your run speed temporarily.
    • Power Potion - increasing your attack power by 50% temporarily.
    • Absorption Potion - increasing your armor by 50% temporarily.

    It is recommended to harvest plant fibres from grass trees in toxic biomes, which can be found on radioactive stars mainly. On the other hand, all crops will drop plant fibres as additionally item while harvesting.

    This mod works greatly in combination with the following mods:


    Big thanks to accionoctem for this great mod spotlight for the old version
    I hope she make a new one in the future!​



    Simply copy the extracted MedicalPotions_v1.xx.modpak file to your /Starbound/giraffe_storage/mods/ folder.
    The path should looks like this: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\giraffe_storage\mods\MedicalPotions_v1.09.modpak.

    Make sure to delete older versions of this mod before you install the newest version.

    Note: NEVER log out from the character while a special effect of a potion is still active!


    Do you have a problem with the usage or the installation of this mod?
    Do you want to report a bug or do you have other any questions?

    Please let me know it and use the Discussion Thread, not the reviews!

    Attention: Do not use a review for reporting a bug or a problem which is not discussed before! These reviews will be reported as abuse and will be deleted by the forum moderators always!

    Do you playing the game Anno 2070? Then visit us on our website about the large modding project Anno 2170 - A.R.R.C.


    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. BlueYoshi68
    Version: 1.10 [Pleased Giraffe]
    It was good, BRING IT BACK.
  2. varn1111
    Version: 1.10 [Pleased Giraffe]
    this one was a nice mod can`t wait seeing it revived for the new version of starbound
    1. NeoVanAlemania
      Author's Response
      I used this mod gladly in the beta of Starbound. But now with the new Apothecary and the whole bunch of stims there is no reason for this mod somehow. :/
  3. Preacher
    Version: 1.10 [Pleased Giraffe]
    Great mod! :-) I love it. You still have new ideas for the mod?
    1. NeoVanAlemania
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review!
      Hum.. new ideas... nothing special at the moment. What about you? :)
  4. zergV
    Version: 1.09 [Pleased Giraffe]
    Good! Thanks for mod.
  5. Deadguy87
    Version: 1.08 [Pleased Giraffe]
    Love you mod please keep up the great work, without you Starbound would be pretty lame.
    1. NeoVanAlemania
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :)
  6. bearzfirex
    Version: 1.074 [Upbeat Giraffe]
    good, I love the potions :3
  7. SmaugTheDragon
    Version: 1.074 [Upbeat Giraffe]
    Very useful, feels like a part of the base game!
  8. 6N9
    Version: 1.074 [Upbeat Giraffe]
    EPIC !!!
  9. jinks_
    Version: 1.073 [Upbeat Giraffe]
    Fantastically useful thing alone for the healing potions. No more senseless spamming and on top lots of other effects to explore :)
    1. NeoVanAlemania
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  10. sveta41
    Version: 1.072 [Upbeat Giraffe]
    Extreamly usefull mod that should be part of vanila game since bandages are useless!!
    1. NeoVanAlemania
      Author's Response
      Thank you!