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Merry Tracks Space Bar v.1.2

A bar to visit, if you are tired of all this space spelunking.

  1. Dandion
    "Greetings, spacefarer. Whatc are you gonna drink today?"

    This mod adds a new shop, yeah, Ikr. This time it's a bar, where you can find several new drinks, almost all of them have a positive and a negative effect. Remember, kids, alcohole is bad.:x

    There is a bar itself and a vending machine, bar has a lot of drinks + sodas, vending machie - 1 drink + sodas.

    You can't buy or craft the shops, you need to spawn them, using "/admin" and "/spawnitem merrytracks1" or "/spawnitem merrytracks2".

    The lookz:

    btw the shop has a pretty cool animation.

    Please DO enjoy.
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