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Mining Gun 1.0.1

It's a way for miners to turn solid rock into lots of small bits of rock.

  1. The Cannon Is Back

    I've made the mining cannon craftable with this update. It is hugely overpowered, and best suited to taking out annoying mountains.
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  2. 1.0 release

    Now that Starbound has gone to 1.0, the mining gun needs an update. Here it is, and remember - don't try it out inside your ship...

    Special thanks to Mackinz for helping me to check consistency with the v0.3 files.
  3. The Bigger Brother

    Because you've asked for it, here's the "big brother" to the Wad Gun: What it lacks in finesse it makes up for in area of effect. You can craft it at the usual anvil-type locations by upgrading your existing wad gun.

    As usual, please drop me a line with feedback and bug-reports.
  4. Move to activeItem format, add mining of background tiles

    This updates the mining gun to use the new .ogg sound files and adds the ability to mine background tiles with alternative fire.

    The new alt-fire is a little harder to control: It has a lifetime of half a second or until it hits a foreground object, and harvests when it explodes.

    Comments, bug-reports and suggestions, please. Merry Christmas. :)