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Mining Laser 1.4

Lasers are the future!

  1. Major Update to Pleased Giraffe

    Zion Fox
    Much sorries for the delay in doing this. I lost interest in Starbound until recently, and then decided to revive this tool since no one else seems to, and Chucklefish haven't finished it yet.
    Same rules still apply. The mod is clientside only, not required on servers, and it won't crash other clients who don't have it either.

    Please feel free to leave reviews, tell your friends and suggest changes. ^^

    Updated version to Pleased Giraffe.
    Changed rarity from Rare to...
  2. Mining Laser 1.3 - Enraged Koala

    Zion Fox
    Updated version to Enraged Koala.​
  3. Update Version 1.2

    Zion Fox
    v1.2 Changes:
    Reduced power again from 4.7 to 4.5.
    Updated version to Furious Koala​
  4. Mining Laser v1.1

    Zion Fox
    Updates to the crafting recipe


    Lowered power from 5.0 to 4.7.
    Reduced pixel cost from 20,000 to 15,000.
    Removed Solarium requirement.
    Removed Plutonium requirement.
    Replaced Rubium Ore with Laser Diode, since now you can craft one.
    Added crafting ability "mod", so...
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