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Outdated Modbound Teletech v1.0

I really don't want to run back there...

  1. kieve
    Modbound Teletech allows you to save and teleport between two locations on a planet.
    Unfortunately the saved locations are forgotten when you exit the game.

    Video demo:

    Go to the Tech machine and install the tech
    Press Down + "F" to switch between "Green save" and "Orange save"
    Press "G" to save a location
    Press "F" to teleport to that location


    Extract contents to "Steam/steamapps/common/Starbound"

    Add "../mods" to bootstrap.config
    You can find bootstrap.config in one of these paths:

    Windows - Steam/steamapps/common/Starbound/win32
    Linux (32 bit) - Steam/steamapps/common/Starbound/linux 32
    Linux (64 bit) - Steam/steamapps/common/Starbound/linux64
    Mac - Steam/steamapps/common/Starbound/Starbound.app/Contents/MacOS

    The file should have the circled line added:


    Add "mb_teletech" to Starbound/assets/player.config


    NOTE: Don't use this cross world / cross ship. That's really bad. If you set a location on a planet, only use the teleport button when on that planet. Sadness will happen if this rule is not followed.

    You can always see my WIP mods at https://github.com/kieve/Modbound
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