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More Cooking Counters 2019-06-16

Simple mod to enable actual meal prep at more cooking stations.

  1. Shadowstitch
    Some of the restrictions on cooking and meal prep in Starbound don't make any sense to me.
    Why is a stove with an oven considered the same tech tier as a campfire?
    I can bake a cake at a kitchen counter but not in an actual oven?

    Certain cooking stations only allow basic campfire recipes, when it stands to reason they should allow the same complex food prep of the kitchen counters, due to their appearance or description.

    This small, simple mod looks to add just a LITTLE bit of rational rebalance by tweaking what you can cook where.

    Basically, any cooking-type crafting object that isn't an open flame now allows actual cooking.

    The following stations are now full-featured meal prep stations, capable of cooking complex meals (just like the kitchen counter object) in addition to all the simple campfire recipes:
    • Basic Oven (oven1)
    • Kitchen Stove Top (kitchenstovetop)
    • Microwave (even though it's currently deprecated)
    • Microwave Oven (outpostmicrowave)
    • Standard Issue Oven (apexoven)
    These cooking stations still only have access to simple campfire recipes:
    • Primitive Stove (floranstove)
    • Rustic Oven (rusticoven)
    • Cabin Stove (cabinstove)
    • Medieval Cooking Pot (medievallargecookingpot)
    However, I have included optional patches to turn those four rudimentary stoves into full meal prep stations, should you have your own compelling reasons to dismiss any semblance of realism.
    Instructions to do this are written in optional_items_readme.txt.

    Also included are optional patches to enable campfire recipes at the wooden kitchen counter and outpost kitchen counter, despite the fact that they have no apparent heat source at all. Whatever, it's the future!

    Campfires stay campfires. Sorry.

    To install: Extract this folder to your starbound/mods folder. Existing items will be fundamentally unchanged, just have new functionality.

    To uninstall: Delete the "More Cooking Counters" folder. All items will return to vanilla functionality.
    (I didn't release it as a .pak because there are user-tunable files inside.)

    I've tested it, and all items listed work for me as intended as of 1.4.

    I don't THINK this mod should interfere with anything vanilla, and I don't know how it will interact with any other mods that change cooking, furniture items or recipes in any way, but I wouldn't be surprised. YMMV.

    Under the hood it's just a handful of Json patches to add campfire recipes to the mains cooking category filter in /interface/windowconfig/craftingfood.config, then also change the crafting style of certain objects from campfire.config to craftingfood.config. That's all!

    If you have any issues, please let me know. I can't promise I'll be able to fix them, but I'll try. Thanks!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.