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More Planets 1.2

Improved chances of planets in star systems, increased number and chance of gas giant moons

  1. UniGen Starclasses Compatibility

    I just finished testing this small update, both with and without UniGen's Starclasses installed.

    I can now confirm that this mod is UniGen Starclasses compatible.

    Basically, I made the asteroid field/barren world at the outskirts optional, so if UniGen's Starclasses mod is detected, then that little extra will be ignored, since UniGen uses the 12th orbit and so does this mod.

    So, compatible mods that I've tested and can confirm working cooperatively:
    • Better Barren
      • Any mod that just adds new planet types should work fine.
    • TrueSpace
      • No extra planets and no extra asteroid field/barren world on the edge, but more gas giant moons.
    • Unigen
      • Vanilla systems will get extra planets, but new types will not.
      • No extra asteroid field/barren world on the edge.
    Theoretically, this mod should also work fine with Frakin' Universe, but I've not tested; I only examined the celestial.config.patch file for conflicts. It should allow more planets in vanilla systems, add the asteroid field/barren world on the edge of them and give gas giants more moons.
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