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More Planets 1.2

Improved chances of planets in star systems, increased number and chance of gas giant moons

  1. Even more gas giant moons!

    I decided to play with the limits of Starbound today, and as it turns out, the new navigation interface for Starbound 1.3+ allows for gas giants to have up to 12 moons without crashing. The prior versions would crash on 7 or more of them.

    So, this update gives gas giants 12 orbits, while keeping the chances of them being filled the same. The new average number of gas giant moons with this update is now 9!

    While testing, I happened on a giant with 10 moons and took a night time shot while flying around in my shuttle.

    Ain't that a beautiful sight?
    10 Moons.jpg
    10 Moons Navigation.jpg
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