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More Stimpacks 1.3

A wider variety of buffs for all kinds of uses.

  1. Even more stimpacks

    I Said No
    New stimpacks:
    * Pyrogenic Stimpack (30% Fire Damage Resistance)
    * Cryogenic Stimpack (30% Cold Damage Resistance)
    * Static Stimpack (30% Electric Damage Resistance)
    * Biotic Stimpack (30% Poison Damage Resistance)
    * Whimsical Stimpack (Random effect)
    * White Stimpack (Clears all status effects)
    * Mega-Leap Stimpack (Extreme jumping power)

    Rainbow and Glitter Stimpacks visual effects greatly improved
    Miner's Stimpack now highlights background ore
    Reduced ore glow brightness from Miner's Stimpack by 75%
    Increased duration to 30 on following stimpacks:
    * Purple Stimpack (was 15)
    * Hyper Stimpack (was 15)
    * Indigo Stimpack (was 15)
    * Nitro Stimpack (was 15)
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