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More Tiles and Greebles V3.33

Extra Titanium to Executive tiles and decorative objects

  1. Bed patch

    A change of duvets for the serene bed.
  2. Solaris object corrections

    Small fixes for door / table objects.
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  3. Geometric sloped tile fix

    Fix for geometric sloped tiles which when broken were dropping as serene sloped tiles.
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  4. Additional sloped tiles

    Added sloped tiles for the serene, geometric, doom and executive styles.
  5. Update

    Touch up for some recolors on opulent tile graphics.

    Solaris table and chair added.
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  6. Painted

    All tiles can now be painted. For executive tiles, this is the highlight strips so some (like the panels) will not show a change.
  7. Added recipes for themed furniture

    As per update title, added recipes for the furniture sets for Serene, Geometric, Wave, Opulent, Doom, and Executive, making these objects available from the Industrial Workbench.
  8. Solaris Tiles/Greebles

    Added a new range of tiles and greebles, which I've called 'Solaris,' made from an alloy of solarium stars and gold bars.
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  9. Wave panel revised / girder icon fix

    Revised the appearance of the wave panels (look less like 'girders' themselves now) and fixed the wave girders inventory icon which looked like the geometric girder icon.
  10. Reorderin'

    Renamed greeble objects so each style will appear together on crafting table lists alphabetically.