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More Tiles and Greebles V3.33

Extra Titanium to Executive tiles and decorative objects

  1. v2.03

    Fix for Executive L1I greeble recipe, which was producing L3I greebles.
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  2. Platform fix

    Missed some changes that were applied to platforms. Fixed them accordingly.
  3. V2.01 - greebles.pak for Starbound 1.0 release

    Oops, a couple of recipes were broke. Quick fix.

    (this should also be compatible with current unstable/nightly build prerelease)
  4. V2.0 - greebles.pak for Starbound 1.0 release

    New version for the upcoming official release of Starbound 1.0!

    This has required numerous recipe changes and all the tiles and greebles added can be found on the Industrial Workbench (the upgraded crafting station.) The tile recipes produce a higher quantity than previously, to closer match up other recipes for similar vanilla asset panels, girders etc.
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  5. Revised recipes / minor fixes

    Recipes moved back to the Iron Crafting Table and Accelerator, Separator, Manipulator Tables for Stable version. On Nightly/Unstable the titanium and durasteel recipes can be found on the Industrial Workbench (the upgraded Furniture Table) instead of the Iron Crafting Table which it replaces.

    Fixed aegisalt framed glass recipe producing reinforced glass, and...
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  6. Glad Giraffe update

    I have done some extensive file renaming to match the new name conventions of previously 'tiered' objects that have become 'themed' (tier5 > serene, tier6 > geometric, tier7 > wave, tier8 > opulent, tier9 > doom and tier10 > executive.)

    PLEASE NOTE! this means if you have been using the older versions of this mod, any tiles placed from previous versions will need to be stripped down before...
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  7. Aegisalt support block fix

    Aegisalt supports health corrected.
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  8. V1.5

    Impervium platforms no longer drop as titanium platforms when broken.

    Three extra greebles for Cerulium and Impervium: L2C and L3C and L3I.
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  9. Ferozium platform recipe fix

    As per update title, the ferozium platform recipe will no longer make aegisalt platform pieces. :)
  10. Ungrounded?

    Mackinz brought to my attention that I had mistakenly included an experimental part of a 'ground contact' mod I worked on (that is now included with Frackin' Universe) which effects player movement when in contact with certain tiles. This effect has thus been removed from More Tiles and Greebles. Oops.