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More Weapon Options v 1.6

Adds more variation to the generated weapons in Starbound!

  1. Retextures and stuff

    Well, school has started and it has already taken its toll on the mod... update will from now on be less common, sadly enough.

    I retextured a lot of the weapons due to the unnecessary change of Starbounds color palette. I believe this will be the last updating update and I can now start adding new textures again.

    I also got rid of the .docx, bacause it was annoying and pretty useless.
  2. How can life be real if mirrors aren't?

    A small fix, for some reason the starbound devs decided that it was a good idea to create a folder with textures called unused to than proceed to use half in of the textures in there anyway. so... I solved an issue revolving around that :)

    Also, here's a reminder to vote :)
  3. why? WHY?!

    Chuckle Fish decided is was a good idea to just get rid of the crappy weapons which makes my last big update (which was also one of the biggest) obsolete... I decided to throw the crappy weapons into the mix with the normal weapons and see if that goes well.
    If you think that isn't a good idea you can vote here:

    And oh yeah, now compatible with Pleased Giraffe :)
  4. how...

    This update is more of a notice that I'm back then an actual content drop
    I've doubled the crystal weapon parts, but there weren't much to begin with...

    The past two weeks I've been on a vacation to prague and in that time you guys seen to have almost doubled the amount of downloads... I'm stunned.

    I'll make sure to work on this mod, but school is starting next week, so the update rate will be a bit slower then it used to be.
  5. A pretty "crappy" update

    I've doubled all crappy weapons! (crappy weapons are those rusty weapons on starter planets, crappy is what they're called in the game folders).

    Sadly enough this doesn't add much variation except on starter planets ofcourse.
    New Textures: 68
    New Variations: 837
  6. Over 9.000!!!!!!!!!!

    We did it guys we're over 9.000 variations. I've added a ton of spear variations and also a lot of shortsword variations.
  7. Mushrooms? Mushrooms!

    Surprisingly enough Starbound contains about 20 variations for the mushroom sword handle, but only one option for the mushroom sword blade so I added about 5 new mushroom blades.
    I also added some boneaxe handles and blades and started in the hammer category.
    We're now at 135 new textures :)
  8. Moar? Moar!

    We're now over 100 textures. 106 if you want to be precise.
    I've also more than doubled the amount of Starbound's bone weapon textures.