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My Enternia 2.3.3b

Use alta technology to explore ionic planets and unravel the power of stardust!

  1. My Enternia 2.1.4a Patch

    A small bugfix update in preparation for 2.2, that fixes technical issues left from 2.1.4 and other older bugs.

    This might be the most stable & bugless update so far, which is nice.

    Detailed changes for this version: Update 2.1.4a

    • many small bugfixes;
    • perfected backwards compatability;
    • another id update;
    • Ultimate Crafting Station enhancements;

    • added recipes for additional armor and weapon variations to the Ultimate Crafting Station;
    • added recipes for all weapon/armor Weapon Upgrade Anvil upgrades to the Ultimate Crafting Station;
    • added more categories to the Ultimate Crafting Station (now at 34) and reworked some existing ones;
    • added missing dye recipes;
    • added more upgrade recipes to the Upgrade Station;
    • reworked sections in the Upgrade station;
    • reworked passive healing abilities and autoabilities to only heal you if you have 5 hp or more (for non-player entities);
    • fixed interface in the Alta Crafting Station;
    • fixed glowsticks not working properly;
    • fixed coloring on the Space Helmet;

    • updated some pages with fixed grammar and extended descriptions;
    • updated Mod Support pages with lots of new details;

    • added an Information For Translators section to the README.md with information that might be relevant to translators;
    • added Translation sections to this changelog to denote any changes that might be important for translators;
    • added links to detailed commit/version changes to all version descriptions in changelog up until 2.0 (inclusive);
    • added tables of content both to the changelog file and the README.md;
    • added comments to some lua scripts and json files, including /items/buildscripts/ct_mimics/aid.consumable & /items/buildscripts/ct_alta_item_builder.lua;
    • added handling for outdated presets in item builders;
    • added handling upgrade parameters as presets in item builders;
    • moved more dev files to .meta (changelog.mg and cockpit.config.patch.init.json);
    • updated /.meta/palettes/color_swaps.json: removed unused palettes and reformatted existing ones, updated them accross multiple clothing items;

    • added translation-related comments to tier 1-5 loot crate items;
    • added useful comments to the GSR Pod, the Metrocop Set and the Companion Drone spawner item;
    • updated mimic items in /items/buildscripts/ct_mimics;
    • moved english text from all item tooltips in /interface/tooltips and /interface/itemdescriptions to /items/buildscripts/ct_texts.config into keys level, armor and tool for easier translation;
    • created a world.json file in the dev .meta folder. It contains color codes and descriptions of concepts, biomes and factions added by this mod;
    • changed following filenames:
      • /names/alta.namesource to /species/alta_namegen.config and changed structure;
      • /items/generic/crafting/ct_edsarmor.item to /items/generic/crafting/ct_eds_armor.item;
      • /items/generic/crafting/ctwood.item to /items/generic/crafting/ct_ayaka_wood.item;
      • /items/generic/produce/ctaya.consumable to /items/generic/produce/ct_aya.consumable;
      • /items/generic/produce/ctgil.consumable to /items/generic/produce/ct_gil.consumable;
      • /items/generic/produce/cttsay.consumable to /items/generic/produce/ct_tsay.consumable;
      • /items/generic/produce/ctwoodsap.consumable to /items/generic/produce/ct_ionic_sap.consumable;
      • /items/augments/back/ct_warpedaugment.augment to /items/augments/back/ct_warped_augment.augment;
      • /items/augments/pet/ct_warpedcollar.augment to /items/augments/pet/ct_warped_collar.augment;
      • /items/augments/pet/ct_yaaracollar.augment to /items/augments/pet/ct_yaara_collar.augment;
      • /items/armors/alta/other/eds_beret/ct_alta_eds_beret.head to /items/armors/alta/other/eds_beret/ct_eds_beret.head;
      • /items/armors/alta/other/eds_visor/ct_alta_eds_visor.head to /items/armors/alta/other/eds_visor/ct_eds_visor.head;
    • text/description changes/additions in following files:
      • /items/armors/alta/tier5/combat/chest/ct_combat_chest.chest - added presets with a single preset;
      • /items/armors/alta/tier5/combat/legwear/ct_combat_legwear.legs - added presets with a single preset;
      • /items/armors/alta/other/eds_visor/ct_eds_visor.head - added presets with a single preset;
      • /interface/cockpit/cockpit.config.patch - added a comment separating deprecated values;
      • /items/armors/alta/tier6/elite/protector/ct_elite_protector.back - changed shortdescription slightly;
      • /radiomessages/exploration.radiomessages.patch - slight changes to ct_loot_crate_msg to make it shorter;

    • fixed koywa treasure pools;
    • fixed upgrade parameters of some weapons;
    • fixed categorization on Warped Fumes;
    • copied Perfectly Generic Item section from Deprecation Station to the Upgrade Station;
    • updated README.md and added navigation, as well as some useful links;
    • updated color options on some clothing items to make them more aligned with the rest;
    • updated deprecation scripts - now items and objects with outdated IDs will stack perfectly with relevant items;
    • minor bug fixes.
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