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My Enternia 2.3.3b

Use alta technology to explore ionic planets and unravel the power of stardust!

  1. My Enternia 2.2.1 Patch

    This time alta researchers have done a great job working on improving basic alta furniture, as well as providing support to alien (human) technology!

    They have also come up with customized drone models that look just like ship drone variations! You can craft some of them, find them as loot or buy them from alta merchants.

    Detailed changes for this version: Update 2.2.1

    • added 15 ship pet drone spawners;
    • added partial support for the Spawnable Item Pack mod - it now contains recipes for a lot of items and objects of this mod. If you want to see more recipes, use:
      • All recipes: Max Tier Alta Crafting Station, Alta Constructor, Cooking Table and Alta Datacenter;
      • Most Recipes: Tabula Rasa;
      • Majority of Recipes: Spawnable Item Pack.
        • Due to how SIP works, I wasn't able to make a lot of the recipes available there as they require parameters.
    • added support for Equivalent Exchange;

    • added extended descriptions to some vanilla items for the Alta Scanner;
    • improved graphics for held loot crates, sets, robot spawners and the Alta Scanner;
    • fixed Alta Energy Source, Alta Lamp, Alta Laptop, Alta Light, Alta Monitor, Alta Pods, Alta Lamppost, Alta Lab Server, Alta Ship Monitor - I would recommend re-placing them for changes to take place;
    • fixed Alta Mechanic and Alta Engineer npcs - they no longer crash on interaction;

    • added a common switch/light script - /objects/alta/switch.lua. Will move most wired objects to used it instead of original ones;

    • added a file with extended item descriptions - /items/active/unsorted/alta/scanner/items.config;
    • minor grammar fixes that shouldn't affect translation;
    • moved spawner items from /items/active/unsorted/ct_alta_spawner/ to /items/active/unsorted/alta/spawner/ - shouldn't affect translation as these files don't need to be translated in the first place;
    • planning to move loot items from /items/active/unsorted/ct_alta_loot/ to /items/active/unsorted/alta/loot/ in the next update;

    Tabula Rasa
    • added all recipes to the Tabula Rasa crafting table - /spawnitem tabularasa;
    • added mod category to most recipes in the mod to make them appear in Tabula Rasa, and added categories used by it for compatability - materials, armors, weapons, consumables, tools, objects, other;
    • added "mod category" buttons - My Enternia and Alta Species:
      • My Enternia button filters by all recipes from this mod;
      • Alta Species button filters by all recipes from this mod that belong to altas or are considered alta technology.

    • made simple produce items like Ayas stackable (up to 1000 in a stack) to make them less inconvenient;
    • made it so the game knows for sure what mods to load before this one;
    • possibly fixed a server-related game crash when using Alta Scanner;
    • removed some deprecated status effects;
    • minor grammar fixes;
    • minor bug fixes.
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