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My Enternia 2.3.3b

Use alta technology to explore ionic planets and unravel the power of stardust!

  1. My Enternia 2.1.4a Patch

    A small bugfix update in preparation for 2.2, that fixes technical issues left from 2.1.4 and other older bugs.

    This might be the most stable & bugless update so far, which is nice.

    Detailed changes for this version: Update 2.1.4a

    • many small bugfixes;
    • perfected backwards compatability;
    • another id update;
    • Ultimate Crafting Station enhancements;
  2. My Enternia 2.1.4 Patch

    At last, a data patch that fixes drone malfunctions! You can now make sure that your drone spawners are safe to use...
    > Note that next version (2.2) will remove a lot of long-deprecated items and objects. Load your world and check inventories with those to update them to avoid them turning into Perfectly Generic Items. Deprecation Station will also get deprecated. It's no longer of much use, and the Perfectly Generic Item section will be moved to the Upgrade Station....
  3. My Enternia 2.1.3 Patch

    Finally learning more about general alta traits and special abilities, you discover and learn about their strongest sides... but also about their weaknesses.

    - added full support for the Race Traits addon;
    - added partial support for Frackin'...
  4. My Enternia 2.1.2 Patch

    You're discovering more knowledge about alta culture and are uncovering new databases along the way, with a few things to enhance equipment you already have.

    - added 24 codexes;
    - added 25 radiomessages, that now display once you pick up specific items;
    - added a bit of recipes for custom items (most are only available at the ultimate crafting station);
    - new cosmetic items can be found as loot in biome chests;

    - updated certain manual pages;
    - added...
  5. My Enternia 2.1.1 Patch

    Now that datacenter is full of useful and intersting information, might as well use the most of it to prepare for upcoming threats!
    Also, it seems like some melee blueprints have finished downloading... Might wanna try them out.

    - most melee weapons are now finally usable! They's still WIP, but to a much lesser extent;
    - big wiki improvements and preparations for the next version;

    - adjusted a lot of alta recipes;
    - fixed grammatical errors in some...
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  6. My Enternia 2.1: Alta Decryption

    Provided database has been successfully analyzed by your datacenter, unlocking access to a number of informational entry and codexes for your archive.
    It seems like melee blueprints are still decrypting, so you can take your time reading through all of those waiting for it to finish.

    Meanwhile, meet some experienced altas to get you accustomed to their culture and try out new equipment available at the crafting station! Trust me, you'll need it quite soon.

    - still...
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  7. My Enternia - Update 2.0.1

    The database with advanced blueprints you got from those altas is still transferring into your crafting stations and datacenters. The latest blueprint pack has just dropped, let's see what it is! ..Status improvers, protective stim packs, medicine, and... Are these... saplings?

    - fixed lots of bugs and crashes. See Other for more;
    - updated the Wiki to reflect new changes and improved some of its pages too;

    - added Electric Stim Pack, Impulse...