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Neki 0.94

Playful, pesky and borderline obnoxious.

  1. HyperJuni
    This species may be NSFW by some definitions.
    The screenshots were taken with the NekiSFW patch installed.

    • A Character Extender such as 18+ or any other; Not required with FU.
    • NekiSFW - makes the Neki SFW-er than they are by default
    • NekiSit - fixes the sleeves but makes everyone sit like a Neki
    • NekiNoSit - gives the Neki the vanilla-style sitting pose back
    • NekiFloof - gives the Neki extremely floofy, fox-like tails
    • NekiPoses - 3 new idle poses (applies to ALL species!)
    • NekiCrew - allows up to 99 crew on T3-T8 ships
    • NekiShades - removes the Nightvision ability
    Please refer to the included readme file for more detail.

    The Neki (pronounced "neh-kee") is a mod about what it would be like for a such a species to exist within Starbound's universe. The way other species treat them varies from borderline fanatic to extremely unpleasant, yet the Neki themselves see the world around them and its inhabitants in an innocent, wondrous and purely pragmatic way; they see things for what they are without prejudice. The world is their playground and their dining hall.

    If you're interested in learning more, it is highly recommended to play the Intro mission, converse with NPCs more than once, read the scan descriptions and look for their Codexes.

    Opinions vary, but it is most widely believed that the Neki were the brainchild of a renowned and eccentric, if somewhat deranged, entrepreneur of old. Their virtually limitless resources allowed for an extensive research programme which employed the brightest scientific minds of a generation and went on well beyond their own lifetime; its findings, however, remained largely unpublished. The project would later be abruptly overtaken by the U.S.C.M, vanishing from the public eye practically overnight - with evidence of corporate espionage by the Miniknog, with regards to the data, surfacing not long after.

    A while later, the Neki would start appearing on Earth, their existence invoking a wide range of reactions - from outright repugnance to passionate attraction. Despite appearances, they have proven themselves to be remarkably sapient, crafty and more resourceful than many of their human counterparts - which earned them a great deal of resentment by many.

    The Neki have a playful and often pesky demeanor, always looking for stuff to eat, places to sleep and things to play with. They stand out among humans for having large ears, powerful (and sometimes fluffy) tails, fur in a variety of colors covering their bodies and a lush mane that stretches from their heads down to their tails.

    You are one of the Neki.
    How you ended up at the Terrene Protectorate academy, is anyone's guess.

    • The Neki species, with:
      • Custom colors
      • 320+ hairstyles
      • Animated body detail
      • Animated ears and tails
      • Alternate, very floofy tails!
      • Custom animations/damage
      • Custom respawn animation
      • Customized Tech Station
      • Custom sitting pose¹
      • Custom sounds
      • Nightvision
    • Codexes
    • NPC dialogue
    • Story quest dialogue
    • 1500+ Scan descriptions
    • Apex-based ship design
    • T9 and T10 ships
    • Neki Tenants
    • Neki NPCs
    • Neki Crew
    • Armor:
      • Neki T1 Leg Ring, Arm-O-Ring and Hairpin
      • Neki T2 Armor, Shoulderguards and Ear Ring
      • Neki T4 Armor, Shoulderguards and Mask
      • Neki T6S MK Armor, Sleeves and Helmet
    • Clothes:
      • 8 animated outfits
      • 8 non-animated clothes
      • 4 animated sleeves
      • 2 animated wings
      • Invisible clothes
      • Neki Shades!
    • Weapons:
      • Paws (T1)
      • Nails (T2)
      • Claws (T3)
      • Sharp Claws (T4)
      • Rapid Claws (T5)
      • Vicious Claws (T5)
      • Electric/Fire/Ice/Poison Claws (T5e)
    • Furniture:
      • Bed
      • Neki Pod
      • Neki Flag
      • Neki Wheel
      • Neki Pillow Pile
      • 9 Pillows (by TeksFox)
      • Lavish Bed (by TeksFox)
      • 3 Curtains (by ѕaιnт apollyon)

    • More of all of the above
    • Bounty Hunter stuff
    • Custom quests (someday)
    • Dungeons (someday)
    • A mech (?)

    1. Sleeves appear mis-aligned while sitting. Workarounds:
    • NekiSit, applies the Neki sitting pose to all races, or;
    • Better Sit Idle with the Neki Addon, or;
    • NekiNoSit, restores the vanilla sitting pose, and/or;
    • Using invisible clothes as cosmetic items.


    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. neki_scr1.png
    2. neki_scr2.png
    3. neki_scr3.png
    4. neki_scr3m.png
    5. neki_scr9.png
    6. neki_scr4.png
    7. NekiFUscr3.png
    8. NekiFUscr2.png
    9. neki_scr10.png
    10. neki_scr7.png
    11. neki_scr8.png
    12. neki_scr6.png
    13. neki_scr11.png
    14. neki_scr12.png
    15. neki_scr13.png
    16. neki_scr14.png
    17. neki_v01.gif
    18. NekiHairM.png
    19. NekiFloof.gif
    20. 3820_starbound.png
    21. image.png
    22. NekiHairF2.png
    23. NekiFUScr04.png
    24. NekiFUScr05.png
    25. flag.gif

Recent Updates

  1. 0.94
  2. 0.93.8
  3. 0.93.7

Recent Reviews

  1. MardanosTT
    Version: 0.92.1
    1. HyperJuni
  2. SakuTaka00
    Version: 0.92.1
    I really love the design :D sadly my game crashes every time i try to create my char, dunno why:c
    1. HyperJuni
      Author's Response
      Thank you!

      I've found what may have been causing the crash - the .species file was missing from the download for some reason. I've added it back and re-uploaded the mod, please download it again.
  3. AlfieSR
    Version: 0.90
    I love every part of the uniqueness of this mod, down to the full-body leg slot and arms in chest slot. It's different without being over-the-top quirky.

    Would it be possible to see support for the Tier 9/10 Ships mod included? The designs in that mod tend to be not terribly creative in expansion so much as a bit of copy/pasting and adjusting to make it seamless, but I lack the technical skill to actually understand how the mod works to get it to pull the newer ships rather than simply pretending it's a Class VI ship while using the Class V body - I had tried relentlessly, even using another T9 modded race extension as a reference point and still failing - for Everis race previously or I'd attempt to to it myself again here.
    1. HyperJuni
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much! ♥
      I've tried the mod you mentioned, but it seems horribly outdated and doesn't seem to work at all for me even with vanilla races, so I can't test it :(
  4. Morden
    Version: 0.90
    Love the custom scanner commentary, and the lore is top-notch. (I think I've found all of the codexes there are so far.)
    1. HyperJuni
      Author's Response
      Thank you! ♥
      There are more codexes prepared, they'll be added in a future update :3
  5. LookMe
    Version: 0.90
    tho jiggle :skull:. I like that xd

    I guess Neki saying like: "Hey, look at me. not this"
    1. HyperJuni
      Author's Response
      It attracts unsuspecting prey :3
  6. Junapi
    Version: 0.90
    excelente mod :3
    1. HyperJuni
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like it, thank you! ♥
  7. faennia
    Version: 0.89
    Pretty nice mod!
    1. HyperJuni
      Author's Response
      Thank you! ^.^
  8. 111111
    Version: 0.87.2
    Хорошо сделанная гонка.
    1. HyperJuni
      Author's Response
      Спасибо! :3
  9. somebody0214
    Version: 0.87
    adorable pretty and rich with flavor. definitely one of the best picks for a race mod
    1. HyperJuni
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much! ♥
      Adorable? They're vicious! And terrifying! And.. okay, maybe just a little ^.^
  10. Yata XV
    Yata XV
    Version: 0.86
    ah yes, the interstellar menace. catgirls. to be honest I downloaded this as a joke but damn this is way better than i expected it to be. good job I suppose.
    1. HyperJuni
      Author's Response
      This is some of the best kind of feedback, honestly xD
      Thank you ♥