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Neki 0.98.7

Playful, pesky and borderline obnoxious.

  1. 0.97

    • Added the Neki Peacekeeper Hat, Pads and Uniform
    • Added alternate SFW-skin female versions of a few clothes:
      • Nokini (alternate Nekini)
      • Neki Noughtie (alternate Nightie)
      • Neki Stripless (alternate Strapless)
    • Added Leiya, a Neki-specific SAIL, purely cosmetic for now
    • Added partial dialogue for Merchants and Apex Peacekeepers
    • Added many new object and tile scan descriptions
    • Added and reorganized some colors
    • Revised many existing scan descriptions
    • Improved the Neki Storage Locker animation
    • Adjusted the tone/brightness of the Neki ship lights
    • The Protectorate ship's layout now corresponds to T0
    • Fixed the wing icons not reflecting the dye color
    • Made a few changes to the Neki Pod:
      • Floofy tails won't stick out anymore
      • It now cures Fire, Ice and Poison debuffs
      • Corrected the Pod's placement offset
      • Made the offline Pod interactable
    • Corrected a few hairstyles
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