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Neki 0.98.6

Playful, pesky and borderline obnoxious.

  1. 0.94

    • Added a Neki T1 armor set - the Leg Ring, Arm-O-Ring and Hairpin
    • Added a Neki... Flag. They kept asking me to make one...
    • Added support for bk3k's Tech Helper's console interface
    • Added Neki-specific dialogue to more Biome NPCs
    • Decreased the T3 Claws damage slightly
    • Increased the T2 and T5 Claws damage
    • Reduced the size of some scripts
    • [NekiFU] Added stats and a set bonus for the Neki T1 armor set
    • [NekiFU ]Adjusted the T2-T5 claws FU-specific damage to +33%
    • [NekiFU] Increased the Nightvision brightness by 25%
    • [NekiFU] Decreased the Fist weapon mastery to +10%
    • [NekiFU] Increased the Sniper Rifle mastery to +20%
    • [NekiFU] Increased the Hunger Rate stat to +50%
    • [NekiFU] Increased Phys. Resistance to -15%
    • [NekiFU] Decreased Ice Resistance to 15%
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