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Neki 0.98.7

Playful, pesky and borderline obnoxious.

  1. 0.98.1

    • Fixed an error in a script that was sometimes causing NPCs to spontaneously combust
    • Added the Neki Wall Bed
    • Added multiple codices to round up the main story
    • Neki no longer replaces 'dialog.lua' (thanks to R|ambo!)
    • The Neki don't care about the chair being yours anymore
    • Added/Corrected some furniture orientations
    • Floofy tails no longer stick out of places
    • Cleaned up many of the object configs
    • Lana has something for a Neki player
    • Lana's hitbox fits her sprite now
    • Simplified the Neki Bed's recipe
    • Adjusted the Pillow Pile's cost
    • Removed the Pod's pipes
    • Revised a few dialogues
    • Corrected codex typos
    • Added a story file
    • [NekiFU] NekiFU no longer replaces the 'dialog.lua' script
    • [NekiFloof variants] Added alternate covers and sounds for the Wall Bed
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